First day of school ultimately means making first impressions and we all know how much of an impact those can have, especially when it comes to making new friends and catching the eyes of cute boys 😉  Weeks prior to the new school year, we’re running around frantically thinking: what to wear how to do my hair? It can all be exciting yet stressful. Worry no more, here’s a list of top apparel and accessories trends that will have you looking like a fresh, fashionista for the new year.

Trendy Tops

Bodysuits are all the rage, they come in many variations that fit snug onto your body making you look awesome! Another hot top trend is the choker shirt loved by fashionista queens, the Jenner and Hadid sisters. This part turtleneck, part halter-top, part necklace is a simple look that can add class to your outfit.


All About The Jeans

From top to bottom, we love our standard jeans. Denim is always in fashion with an assortment of types from skinny to bell-bottom, boyfriend and boot cut. The trends always cycle back so it’s wise to keep your favorite pairs because 10 years from now you’ll be wearing them again (if you’re one of the lucky ones who can still make them fit). You can get away with any style but if you want the ‘it’ jeans of the year then opt for ripped or high-waisted. And if you can find one pair that has both of those elements, you’re set!

Dress to Impress

School season may be in but summer is still here and that means your dresses don’t have to be put on the back burner just yet. Flowy dresses are uber cute and a super comfortable choice but the possibilities are endless with dresses, so find one (or a few) that you love and wear them, girl! But remember don’t be cheeky and keep your dresses at an appropriate length because your pretty self should not be isolated in ISS (in school suspension) all day.

Cozy Cardigan

Speaking of avoiding ISS, cardigans mesh well for all your lovely shirts that do not fit the three-finger-rule. You can still wear spaghetti straps and halter tops with a cardigan thrown over. They’re light enough to match any outfit and cozy enough to get you through those freezing cold classrooms. By now we’re all well aware that teachers keep their classes like Antarctica to keep us from falling asleep. So you can counter-strike that action and keep warm with a stylish cardigan.

Shoes to Amuse

Comfy is always best because you will be walking from class to class and sprinting to make it before the bell. Avoid wedges and heels as anything with a pump will be painful by the end of the day so it’s best to opt for sneakers. Embroidered and metallic shoes add pazazz to your feet and can turn a dull, plain sneaker into art. Ballerina shoes are also a great fit for your sprints round-toed or pointed-toed, they pair well with everything in your closet.

Get Reckless with Necklaces

We’re back in the 90’s and that means chokers have made a lasting comeback with a little more class and spunk. Whether you’re going for a sporty look or dressy, these necklaces are your ‘it’ accessory of the year. You can also catch eyes with a beautifully jewel-adorned statement necklace. If you want to look flawless without the effort, a statement necklace can turn any plain outfit into an embellished ensemble.

Hairstyles to Make You Smile

Now with your outfit on point comes those luscious locks and thankfully messy buns, pony tails and braids are in. They are simple without requiring a lot of work so no need to wake up an extra 30 minutes early to flat-iron or curl your hair (OUCH). There are copious amounts of tutorials on Youtube or Instagram and you can also get inspiration from the hottest celebrities for your daily hairstyles. Nail a few of your favorite styles and enjoy the extra minutes of much-needed beauty sleep while you dream of not damaging your hair.

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