It’s beach time and you want to enjoy the summer, so the best way to do that is to find the right swimsuit to make you feel good while enjoying the warm sun. Be it by the pool or on the beach, being comfortable and stylish are big components when it comes to swimwear. Whether you’re small on top, plus size or have an athletic build, these styles are not only perfect for getting some vitamin D while staying safe from the UV rays but they’re a fun way to show off how fashion savvy you are. So in getting with the spirit of the warmer months and since there’s nothing more summery than the swimsuit, we’ve put together a list of our favorite styles.

One-piece Swimsuits:

From Baywatch to Swimsuit Illustrated, the one piece is the OG of swimsuits, and it can move with you through all stages of life. It’s the comfortable go-to that is also great for any body type making it a fitting choice for all women. Whether under a sarong or by itself the one- piece looks chic and comes in a number of cuts, colors and patterns making it a favorite. When looking for the right one make sure the cut is flattering to your body type and for the bustier women, that it has the necessary coverage.

Two-Piece Swimsuit (Bikini):

Invented by Louis Reard in 1946 the bikini has been a favorite of many and because of it’s infinite possibilities. There are numerous ways to style this look to show off your individuality. If you want to play around and mix different tops and bottoms, make sure the colors and other elements (pattern, textile, style) compliment each to avoid being a fashion victim on the beach. With a two-piece, there are options for the differing styles of both the top and bottom that gives us more reasons to love this style. Whether it’s a halter, a string or the strapless, this swimwear style has many varieties to try out.

High-Waisted Bikini Swimsuit:

In the past few years, the high-waisted swimsuit went from a retro throwback to full on necessity because of its flattering figure attributes. By compressing the midsection, it helps hide the area many women might not want to show while creating an hourglass figure.
Keep the look modern by opting for an updated print and little-accented details like tassels, cutouts or sparkles to avoid looking like a vintage costume. Pair with a cover-up and some great shades and you’re ready to explore any luxurious beach.

Long sleeved Swimwear:

Not just the surfer’s go-to, the long sleeved swimsuit is a great option for those who are looking to be active and want optimal coverage. This keeps the sun at bay and lets you participate in water-based outdoor activities like hiking, snorkeling and even playing a little volleyball. This look is ideal for women with varying body types who want to feel comfortable when hitting the beach and moving around.

Printed Swimsuits:

Prints and summer go together like sand and waves so whether it’s checkered, floral or chevron, a fun print can add a bit of personality to your favorite piece. While it’s always fun to go for a matchy-matchy piece you have to remember that not all prints were created equal. A polka dot might be cute but be careful with the size to prevent optical illusions that might make certain areas look bigger (or smaller!) that might not need to be. With prints go for clean lines and flattering hues to your skin tone, and you’re ready to catch some rays!

Colorblock Swimwear:

The “it” style for the past few years has been the color blocked swimsuit. Whether it’s done with cutouts, as a two- piece or a one- piece, the color blocked look is its own swimwear style. Although color blocking is nothing new, the way this look is done sure is! With a black outline and pinks, greens and yellows as the filler the eye-catching color scheme is flattering on all skin tones. To pull off this look, think about the number of colors within the look. Anything under three shades with the black lining is a good combo, going for more makes for a busy ensemble. So whether you’re at the pool or the beach, this look is going to get you tons of likes on social media!

Cutout Swimsuits:

This is the one- piece/two piece hybrid that has morphed into its own style. Although it creates a fun and fashionable look, it’s important to be cautious and wear plenty of sunscreens to avoid strange tan lines! The cutout swimsuit can be a fun option for a pool party where you can show off your personality because the novelty of this piece elevates the swimsuit to party status. Although the cutout is just the right amount of different from other styles, it’s also an excellent way to showcase areas you like or cover up spots you don’t make it a favorite with many.

For the upcoming warmer months, be smart and get yourself that perfect swimsuit (or two, or five!) to enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer. Shop through to earn Cash Back on every purchase so you can shop smart and look smart!

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