Don’t be surprised by the splash of color and prints adorning the streets this winter. It’s the latest color pop trend catching on during the rather muted season. Vivid colors and eye-catching patterns having been slowly and steadily making their way to center stage when it comes to winter fashion. So don’t be afraid to shop some of the brighter hues, because everything tiffany blue coats to neon pink jackets are making a winter breakthrough! Here are the six colors and patterns you can look forward to seeing outside that should make its way to your closet this season.


1. Patterns and Prints

The pattern style is taking over this season. It’s covering jackets and clutches and it’s adding a striking mix of color to our closets. The pattern trend was seen on the runways at the recent London Fashion Week and will undoubtedly reappear at upcoming fashion weeks around the world. Have yours now and be the first to get your game on! New mommy? The winter jacket is just for you, and so are these New Mommy Must-Haves.


2. Commanding the Army Green:

A traditional winter tone, army green makes its way into the wardrobe year-after-year. Why? It’s green. Green is a part of the bright color set we’re enjoying at the moment. It’s army. Not only is it the toned down version of the green we love, it’s going to match the boots we are wearing and other winter tones. Call your besties to attention at the most happening place in town, and don’t forget to touch up your look with The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone.


3. Red: This Winter is Going to Be Hot

Red tells a story. If you wear red, you’re telling the world you’re a confident person who wears winter well. Red tones fall into the winter seasonal color set so you can wear your red outerwear with blacks, greys, whites, and browns of winter. If you’re giving the spotlight to your garment, why not take a moment to quietly make your Bare Face Fresh and Fantastic.


4. The Little Black Jacket

Of course, black is going to make its way onto the list. Black speaks for itself but can also stand back and let your accessories have a louder voice. This year, The Accessories are so fabulous that a black jacket will give them a solid base to catch attention from. New Year’s Eve is coming up. Have you selected the Perfect Glitzy Must-Wear? If so, a Schmick black coat can be added to the list of NYE must-haves so you can make your outfit amazing and warm.


5. Nude Hues

A little bit of nude will go a long way in your closet. The classic nude or sand-colored jacket falls into the season color sets for all seasons. And beyond that, caring for a quality nude jacket can mean you have a jacket that will fall into season fashion every year. Jackets are a winter piece that can be the main article in your ensemble and that can be worn with simple leggings or jeans and turn a very basic outfit into a completely in-style outfit. When purchasing your major items, including your coat, consider doing so as a VIP Lounge member. You can earn more Cash Back and benefit from promotional offers and discounts for all online purchases made via


6. Pretty-in-Pink

Oh yeah, winter is doing this! Pink outerwear is going to be brightening up a location near you this season. You will have the words ‘pretty in pink’ in your head every time you wear this little number, but that is cute. And after the release of the latest My Little Pony movie and Sia’s associated song, who wouldn’t love being cute and rainbow-esque. You’re not just getting your game on, you’re stepping up and getting your charisma in gear.


Make every color suit you, by…

Love the fun color palette of today but do not feel that it brings out the most beautiful you? Simply add a scarf in a tone that suits you. This will break up the tone clash and give you the opportunity to get the best of both worlds of color.



In the time it’s taken you to read from the beginning to the end, you’ve gotten a little further into cooler season. Don’t wait until the first sneeze to get your outerwear, get it now and stay warm, stylish, and undeniably fabulous for the rest of this glorious season.


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