There must have been heavy rain in the world of fashion because we can see a rainbow! The colors of Spring 2018 are satisfying the appetite for spectacular. Expect to see and dare to wear at least one eccentric color every time you go out this season. Fashion this season has been described by Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, as “Breaking the rules. But not silly.” And on that note, take a look at the colors inspired by shattered rules:

Steal The Show Electric Blue

Whether Kim Kardashian influences you or if TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ is your jam on your playlist and have been waiting for this moment since the 90s, electric blue is back. Expect to see blue eyeshadows and lipsticks hit the street this season. Not together (of course!), but either blue eyelids with pink/nude lips or blue lips with black-lined or nude lids. This show-stealing tone might leave your locks feeling left out. Make your hair equally electric by dressing it up with these must-have hair accessories.

A Twist Of Lemon Yellow Or Yellow Gold

The citrus color palette has been expected to take its place on the fashion blogs ever since The Academy Awards when a number of celebs had cute little kicks of citrus tones on their lids. Bright is right. So, You’re A Happy, Positive Person: If you are finding yourself naturally drawn to yellow tones, it has been said that you are a little ray of sunshine.

Such a burst of color might be giving you a burst of motivation and inspiration. If you have motivated yourself, maybe it’s time to spend some time with those inspiring people… yourself! Let a solo travel trip be your next escape.


Deliciously Pastel Pink

You were either the child who was dressed in pink opting for strawberry bubblegum, cotton candy, and pink lemonade, or you were the kid who intentionally wore black, blue or green to make a point that you were not a girly-girl. Whoever you were, it is time to own this color, because pink is here. There are many shades of pink, from apricot to magenta to carmine and coral, but pastel pink is where the party’s at. Time to look online for the cutting edge palettes and be ready for the epic color hyped weekend that will follow. Although, before you head to to do your last minute makeup shopping, become an online shopping expert; simply read the list of Do’s and Don’ts for Online Shopping.


Clear The Floor For Crimson

Deep crimson, pink crimson, 50 shades of crimson; this season whether you want a full crimson lid or a crimson color pop on your lids, this color will give you the chance to add the glamour to your look. Crimson is red with purple hue, but it can also be found in shades of pink. A Recurring Trend: This lucrative tone trended in 2014, but in apparel and accessories rather than makeup. So if you’ve wondered how it would work on your face, this is your chance to experiment!  


Shake It Up Glitter, Gold, Shimmer Brown

The vibe of the season is nature, so colors of nature are essential. This color can act as the base upon which you can add a flair of other colors. Brown with flints of shimmer can be worn during the day and the evening. Although, you may want to stick with a more solid brown in the mornings and only use it to line your eye or create shape. Get Artistic: Eyeshadow can be used to make your eyes look wider, finer, and rounder. It is all about how you play with your color palette. Start by applying nude colors and then use different types of eyeshadow brushes to apply various colors. Darker shades can be used to make your eyes appear bigger as they create what appears to be a shadow. Play and find out!
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