Summer, autumn, winter, spring! Every season gives us a new chance to explore the beauty of life from a different perspective. Identifying new things to do and knocking them off your list of awesome things done in life will give you a sense of fullness and achievement. And who doesn’t love a hit of accomplishment in the season wherein nature is accomplishing things around us every day. Spring is here… tick these seven things off to get your spring bucket list going.  

1. Visit A Renowned Beach Destination

Spring is synonymous with beach parties. The weather is warm, not yet molten, and the air is fresh. Spending a bit of time this spring in a lavish hotel near a dreamy beach destination is a treat everyone needs. To help you select the ideal beach, here are five renowned places to explore this spring:

  • Cancun
  • Punta Cana
  • Panama City Beach
  • Daytona Beach
  • South Padre Island

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2. Make A Time Capsule

Do you remember the first time you realized the importance of the season? If you had created a time capsule, you would! While you cannot go back and make one, today is the future’s past. Is there anything you want to remind yourself of forever?

You can write ‘Future You’ a letter and even add things that remind you of today. Your letter might include:

  • What you think the world will be like in 10 years,
  • What has been the most memorable thing you’ve done in your life so far,
  • What you dream of achieving in the next few years,
  • Your favorite song, food, outfit, things to do over the weekend

Lock up your capsule and stash it somewhere safe. Decide an opening date, maybe five years from now, and do not open until then.  

3. Create A Family Tree With Your Kids And Discuss Everyone On It

If your juniors are on school holiday, use this time to introduce them to their ancestry. It is the perfect activity for pre-teens. Give your children a piece of paper and pencil, and have them write “My Family” at the top. If they are able to write, help them write the names of their family members, as far back as you can remember. Once finished, you may go through the tree and discuss the life of each person listed. Describe each member and ask your child to draw what they believe this person must have looked like or what they do look like… or even what they could have looked like at your child’s age!

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4. Become A Master Baker Of Something And Then Exclusively Bake It Every Spring

In Two Broke Girls, the spring cupcake was inspired by the tastes of the season such as cinnamon, maple syrup, apples… what an ideal time to begin baking! List all of your favorite, seasonally inspired ingredients, and then find a new recipe (or even create a new recipe!) that turns them into a masterful treat. Make this treat until you perfect it and once spring is over, put the recipe somewhere safe and do not bake it again until spring 2019. It’ll be your signature treat that everyone will look forward to each year.

Thinking of a new recipe can be hard work. You need energy! These coffee trends are helping people all over the world find the energy they need to boost their inspiration.

5. Give Your Home The Ultimate Spring Makeover

Let’s get the year going with a seasonal swipe of Spring home style. Spring tones are very homely and include greens, rich browns, deep yellows, and even reds, pinks, blues, with bits of purple! If you have ever noticed that the word ‘spring’ appears ahead of many things, i.e. spring break and spring cleaning, it is because this is the time of year that most people get into gear as the cold days are officially over.

Tick this off your Bucket List today. Check out the interior color trends of Spring 2018 and get started.

6. Learn Something New

We can never truly know everything, and spring gives us the chance to open a new book and enter a world we’ve yet to visit. Think of spring as a metaphor. Some people learn a new language, some take a course that will help them in their professional lives, others learn to sew. A new world awaits you.

Learning a new skill needs a well-trained manager: your brain! Brain Healthy Habits not only slip easily into your daily routine, but you can add one more thing to your bucket list and tick it off: feed your brain as well as you would feed hunger.


Set the mood for the season and get on with planning some wonderful, fun-filled activities for your loved ones and yourself. This spring bucket list is the perfect booster. With such amazing things going on, you might have missed the brilliant news: The VIP membership from is now at the exclusive price of only $49 per year or $4.99 per month! That means you will earn even more Cash Back for every online purchase made via If ‘Becoming A Smart Shopper’ or earning more cash is on your life’s bucket list, then check and mate.



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