With the innovation of online shopping, convenience has paved the way for new habits, and new saving opportunities have emerged. It’s now possible to indulge your “champagne taste” on a “beer budget.” Shopping online has proved to be the deal breaker on everything from shoes to food to medicine.

For shopaholics, this means their wants can be fed 24/7 with just the click of a button. For families, this saves them a hectic shopping trip with the kids and helps them save extra on their spendings. Online stores have cut so many corners that all that’s left is to choose to get every cent out of each dollar. Ready to find out how to pay less and still look like a million bucks? We’re sharing the secrets of being a smart e-shopper.

1. Earn Cash Back, Become a VIP Lounge Member and Shop During Sales

It’s all a click away thanks to the evolution of eCommerce. When you decide to shop via DubLi.com, you get to access a selection of 12,000+ of your favorite brand name stores and earn Cash Back on every purchase. So before you lose yourself in the online shopping multiverse, you have a savings plan in mind.

How To Make This Work:

Shop First Class by upgrading your account. When you upgrade, you’ll earn extra Cash Back and get exclusive access to the best online shopping and travel promotions.

2. Take Advantage Of Free Shipping

Free shipping is one of the big plus’ when shopping at most online stores. And what makes that even better? It’s not just free; shipping has gotten faster than ever before, so your purchases are delivered quickly at no cost.

How To Make This Work:

Many online stores have free shipping offers and those that don’t often have periods of free shipping. Check out your favorite stores for current free shipping offers, and if you love a good deal, make sure to subscribe to our newsletters for specials.

3. Buy-in On The Latest Trends With Affordable Dupes

Many people who appear as though they have the best of everything are just better at shopping and styling themselves. A choker that you spotted on your favorite celebrity doesn’t have to rip you of your life-long savings. Do some research and find brands that sell affordable dupes of the same trend. Picking up some sassy statement pieces will allow you to pair them with a number of outfits to create a variety of looks.

How To Make This Work:

Start simple: get yourself a pair of wear-with-everything loafers. They are ideal for a visit to the mall, to brunch or even for drinks by the pool at your weekend getaway destination (that you booked with massive savings via DubLi.com, of course!).

4. Presentation and Confidence

It’s not about what you’ve got; it’s about how you style it. You could be wearing a designer scarf lookalike with a dress you picked up on sale. What matters is the way you present yourself and the confidence you carry it with.

How To Make This Work:

Impressions are created by paying attention to details. Start with the small things Do something easy right now: ditch the soft drink cans/bottles and serve your soda in a glass instead. You can also subtly incorporate the latest home decor trends to reflect good taste.

5. Break It Down – The Ingredients Are Often Giveaways

Hair care, skin care, and beauty products are often expensive and difficult to incorporate on a humble budget. The next time you browse through these products, pay attention to details and ingredients. Read labels to see what’s in your favorite products, and you might find it’s something you’ve got lying around the house or can pick up at a better price elsewhere.

How To Make This Work:

A lot of outstanding hair products have coconut oil in them. Pick up a bottle of pure coconut oil and treat your hair to a weekend rehydration – for peanuts!

6. The “Security List”

Create a list of standard products that are needed every month – that’s your “Security List.”

If you’re addicted to shopping and are afraid of the risk of having spent all your money too early in the month, the “Security List” can save you from having no deodorant for a week. It’s rightfully named as it lists everything you must have for your everyday life to be sorted including every basic need from face wash to fresh fruits.

How To Make This Work:

When you know one of your Security List products is on sale, stock up for the month. If you have all of these items, then you’re free to spend the rest of your disposable income without cutting yourself short – assuming bills and utilities have been taken care of ;).

7. Maintain What You Already Own

It seems obvious, but it’s all too easy to simply  “throw it all in the machine” or to go to bed without removing makeup. However, it’s essential to appreciate and get the absolute value out of everything you own or have; it extends its life and makes you appreciate it that much more.

How To Make This Work:

Dedicate a morning one weekend to maintaining what you already have in the closet. Go through them and see what special care they need and give it to them. Clean your makeup brushes – It’ll be like having a whole new set, and you’ll have saved up money to spend on new things.

Everyone wants to feel like a million bucks, and now it can be achieved on a budget. Instead of running 10 tabs for all your different shopping needs, just log on to DubLi.com – the easy to use, hassle free website, that gives you access to more than 12,000 brand name stores worldwide. Maximize on savings by stacking deals, coupons, promo codes, and free shipping offers with Cash Back. And, once you master the art of earning Cash Back, you’ll have more than you started shopping for!  

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