Though shoes are a practical necessity, it’s an item that can speak volumes for a man from being clean, stylish and matching the occasion  it characterizes you. When it comes down to business, style plays a big part in an office setting your peers will judge your qualities based on how well you take care of your looks, and business shoes are the most crucial part of that. From the business-suit or the casual-attired office, keeping your feet trendy makes you look professional. Whether you’re making powerful decisions behind a desk or doing intense laborious work, you must look and feel the part at the very foundation on which you stand  your shoes. Take the right steps with our essential guide: how to pick the pair you need, and keep them looking shiny and new.

5 Tips to Abide By:

(1) Invest in quality, not quantity  it may seem costly, but it will save you more money in the end when the more expensive shoe lasts longer.

(2) Try to match your belt with your shoe color. Never pair brown shoes with a black belt or vice versa. It’s just plain tacky  take our word for it.

(3) Get fitted for each style of shoe. You want to look stylish, but you need to feel comfortable enough to pull it off.

(4) The shoes should be darker than the pants. Black dress shoes are always a safe choice unless you’re wearing navy blue pants, in which case, dark brown dress shoes will suit fine.

(5) Pair your socks to match your tie.  

How to Pick ‘Em:

The most common formal shoes for men are Oxford, Derby, and Blucher. All three come in many variations of elegant style from the saddle cowboy look to wingtip-pointed toe cap that makes business shoes far from boring.

The classic men’s Oxford shoe is the best option for the office and a must-have for every man’s closet. They are distinguished by their closed-lacing system, low-heeled, and exposed ankle features. These are perfect for formal occasions, important meetings, and most valued in a white-collar office setting or a black-tie event.

For the man with bigger feet – Derby and Bluchers are your kind of shoe. They are slightly less formal but more spacious. Like the Oxford shoe, they expose ankles, but they have an open-lacing system. The stitching is what differentiates both the Derby and Blucher styles Derby has a piece of leather stitched on the side that flows through the back to meet the other side. Blucher’s stitching faces downwards in comparison and joins the other side. Aside from that slight detail, these two styles are one in the same.

How to Maintain Them:

To maintain the stylish elegance of your formal shoes, always keep them clean and shiny. If your shoe has a speck of dirt on the hood, it makes you look sloppy and careless, not a great impression to make at work. Invest in a shoe cleaning kit that comes equipped with a bristle brush and polish to keep your shoes squeaky clean and shiny.  Another great investment is to have shoe trees for each pair. Not an actual tree with birds and bark but the device you place in your shoes to preserve the shape and prevent it from developing creases. If you want a temporary fix, wadded newspapers should suffice for a bit. But higher quality shoe trees absorb moisture and combat odor, so it’s a great tool to have.

For Extra Kicks in the Office:

If your workplace is a little more laid back, we recommend moccasins or loafers   they may look similar, but they are not the same. Both shoes are slip ons with velvety leather, but the distinguishing factor relies on the distinct heel of loafers. They both exhilarate comfort and are appropriate for any event.


These business, formal shoe options are so stylish that they will even impress your honey’s parents when you meet them. Surely they will think you’ve got the right stuff to take care of their little sweetheart.


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