That moment when you look fantastic and you’re ready to take on the day only to realize that you’ve run out of perfume — day officially ruined! But this can be avoided by having scents so perfect for you that you’ll never forget to stock up. Get to know more about what makes your scent and this year’s hottest things to spray.

How to Find The Perfect Perfume Match

You may be drawn to certain scents from a mile away and run away from the ones you absolutely loathe. The key to it all is all in the notes and the type.


The notes are the essential oils/ingredients that make up the perfumes. There are three notes that make up a perfume: lead, heart, and base.  

Tip: read the notes of your favorite fragrances to identify recurring choices.

  • Top Notes

The leading scent you’ll smell is a Top Note. It won’t last for long but will capture your immediate attention. Top Notes are often fruit, herb, or citrus scents.

  • Heart Notes

Heart Notes are the scents you smell when Lead Notes have begun to lightly evaporate. You’ll smell them, and their infusion with other notes, for a longer period of time than Top Notes. Common Heart Notes include cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, jasmine, rose, and lemongrass.

  • Base Notes

These scents are the longest lasting and appear when the Top Notes have completely evaporated. They mix with Heart Notes for some time as well. Common Base Notes include vanilla, musk, cedarwood, and sandalwood.


Grabbing the first bottle might not be the best idea.There are different types of perfumes, the names of which you’ve undoubtedly seen before, but these names tell you what to expect in terms of duration.  

  1. Eau de Toilette: A light fragrance that will wash off your skin and clothes easily, and won’t linger all day.
  2. Eau de Parfum: A fragrance with a strong oil concentrate that lasts for several hours.

These are only the foundation points to understanding perfumes. But the ultimate way to decide what suits you best is by testing them out since scents work differently on different people.

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For Her

Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

Eau de Parfum

Black Opium, YSL, is a wildly addictive, sweet-yet-sultry scent inspired by Paris’ glam-rock nightlife. This is the scent to turn heads with.

Notes include: Coffee bean, sandalwood, vanilla, and orange flower


Marc Jacobs, Decadence One Eighth K Edition

Eau de Parfum

This rich and decadent perfume is a limited-edition scent, inspired by liquid-gold, and it’s designed to be worn by those who love luxury and glamour.

Notes include: Italian plum, saffron, iris flower, Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, and oris


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Viva La Juicy Sucre, Juicy Couture

Eau de Parfum

This scent was inspired and designed for the sweetest amongst us who prefer to eat dessert first and always puts happiness and smiles first.

Notes include: Mandarin, red currant, peach nectar, jasmine, orange flower


Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit

Eau de Parfum

The latest addition to the Modern Muse family is Modern Muse NUIT — a scent inspired by the mysterious opulence and decadent luxury of the night. This scent is glamorous and addictive.

Notes include: precious Amber and sensual Musk


Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Eau de Toilette

Inspired by the simple pleasure that accompanies the first sip of tea, Elizabeth Arden White Tea is a refreshing, peaceful scent that’ll keep your days soothing and simple.

Notes include: white tea, mandarin, clary sage, white fern, sea breeze accord, rose, musk, and amber


For Him

L’Homme Prada

Kicked categorizing adjectives to the curb? Then you’re onboard with the Prada scent-philosophy. Clean, fresh, and simple while representing the man of today.

Notes include: Iris, amber, neroli, geranium, and patchouli


Armani Code Profumo

Eau de Parfum

Looking for that illustrious scent that will turn heads and steal sights? Armani Code Perfume is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s a strong, woody, sexy scent that could further heat up your summer nights.

Notes include: Green mandarin, green apple, cardamom, lavender, and amber


Le Male Popeye Eau Fraiche by Jean Paul Gaultier

Eau de Toilette

A strong and fresh scent as the name implies, Le Male begins with a sweet scent and settles as an aquatic aura that you could wear any time of the day.

Notes include: Vanilla, sage, neroli, mint, and aldehydes


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Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua

Eau de Toilette

A fresh, sexy, and masculine woody-sweet-salty-aquatic scent with day and night performance. This is a 2016 release that came to life in summer 2017.

Notes include: Pink pepper, ambergris, amber wood, and guaiac wood

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