Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or a different holiday meal, enjoying homemade food with friends and family offers you the chance to sit back, take a break and delight in the company of those you love. The perfect holiday meal consists of traditional favorites and new creations. If you plan to host a large holiday meal this season, then you need to prepare ahead of time to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can help avoid family drama and other issues by staying positive and organized from beginning to end. Here are some great tips for hosting the perfect holiday meal.
[title text=”Avoiding Drama When Possible”]

shutterstock_121428373Most people try to squeeze in as many family members as possible around the holidays. Unfortunately, some family members just don’t get along. From deep-rooted grudges to small slights and spurns, blood relatives may cause more harm than good if forced to spend quality time together. Instead of fighting the inevitable arguments and attempting to play peacekeeper, invite those you consider family and those who naturally get along. You might even host separate dinners, ensuring that certain family members avoid unnecessary conflict.
[title text=”Special Dietary Concerns”]

shutterstock_64097449Once you’ve determined the guest list and sent out your official invitations to the holiday meal, you can begin planning the menu. Keep in mind that not everyone can partake of all the food you’re likely to serve. Rather than omitting certain foods, you could add some new additions to the menu and make appropriate substitutions when necessary.


For example, you could:

  • Replace one starchy side with cauliflower. When mashed and blended with butter, cauliflower tastes very similar to potatoes and can be a much healthier alternative.
  • Steam a side of vegetables instead of simmering them in butter. You’ll get a much better flavor without the extra calories and fat.
  • Use gluten-free flour or a combination of flax seed and gluten-free flour to make your pie crusts and other bread products. Those with gluten allergies will be able to enjoy desserts comfortably.

You don’t need to skip the turkey and dressing, but you should be conscious of those with special dietary concerns. Ask your guests about any special restrictions or concerns ahead of time, and encourage them to bring a dish or two to share if they feel comfortable doing so.
[title text=”Classics with a Twist”]

shutterstock_150319757Have you tried deep-fried turkey or grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon? For decades, people have been bringing the same covered dishes to family meals, holiday events and potluck suppers. Over time, even that to-die-for macaroni & cheese your aunt makes starts to sound boring and unappetizing. Why not switch it up this holiday season by combining everyone’s favorites with some new creations? From slow-cooked barbecue sliders to Asian-inspired coleslaw, you can find a lot of great recipes for transforming your holiday meal staples into new and vibrant treats.
[title text=”Post-Meal Fun & Games”]

shutterstock_99636209After dinner and before dessert, you and your guests will be relaxing in the comfort that comes from eating good food with good company. Don’t let this post-meal stupor prevent you from playing games and getting active. Instead of sluggishly sitting in front of the TV for the football game, you could try some outdoor games in the backyard. If you have kids present, then they need to work off some of their excess energy, and light exercise will do everyone some good. You could go for a bike ride around the neighborhood, play some outdoor games or conduct a round of charades around a bonfire. The fresh air will help you digest your food and get you ready for those delectable desserts.
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Shopping online for food and decor items will help you cut down on time, money and energy. Check out the awesome deals on DubLi, where you can shop all your favorite brands while earning money with a unique cashback incentive program. You don’t need to overthink your holiday meal. Create a guest list, prepare simple but delicious food and gather around the table for fun, food and laughter. Holiday meals offer you and your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company while giving thanks for your many blessings.

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