Vacations can stretch even the most frugal traveler’s budget, but you can save money on little things like not checking a bag, along with getting Cash Back when you book with Not to mention packing light avoids the extensive after holiday washing chaos. If you’re flying and are given baggage allowance then by all means enjoy the luxury, but still skip on the extras where you can. After all the more space you save on the way, the more space you have to bring things back with you. Here’s our top tip list of things to never bring on holiday.

Don’t Bring Half Your Wardrobe

We’re not telling you not to pack your new dress for that special occasion, but rather concentrate on bringing versatile pieces that are interchangeable – your holiday capsule wardrobe. Not only can this make decision making about which skirt to bring easier, but you can also save space. The rule is if you can only wear it with one thing, then don’t take it. That new off-the-shoulder top that goes with your skirt, jeans and pants, for example, will definitely make the cut. Dresses are the exception to the rule, but make sure you bring styles that can be dressed up for evening and dressed down for daytime — and voila, two outfits.

Packing Clever: Avoid These 5 Travel No-Nos

Don’t bring two weeks worth of clothes on a five-day trip.

Leave Irreplaceable Items at Home

Be careful not to bring sentimental items like a treasured hand-me-down watch or your grandma’s antique ring. If you absolutely must bring them, then wear them. If you leave an irreplaceable piece — especially early in your trip — it’s going to put a real damper on your holiday. Don’t bring your entire jewelry box either; you’re not opening up a jewelry store, after all, and you can’t possibly wear everything in your collection while you’re away. Take a few classic staples that go with almost everything, along with one or two statement pieces.

Packing Clever: Avoid These 5 Travel No-Nos

It’s usually best to leave antique jewelry and sentimental family heirlooms at home.

Limit the Gadgets

When it comes to electronics, only bring the bare essentials. Bring just one book to read for a few minutes before bed, or tote your e-reader, which can double as a laptop for researching activities, dining options and transportation in the local area. If reading isn’t your thing, then if you really need it, choose between the laptop and a tablet. For short trips, your phone should do the trick.

 Packing Clever: Avoid These 5 Travel No-Nos

To enjoy the surroundings of your destination, only bring the bare essentials for electronics and entertainment.

Don’t Pack Your Entire Shoe Rack

Think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll be doing. If there’s lots of walking involved then be sure to bring a pair of sneakers – even if it’s around a city, trainers are massively on-trend for wearing just about anywhere. If it’s somewhere hot then sandals are essential. For evenings, a pair of tan or nude heels will go perfectly with jeans and most designs –see our top three essential shoe trends here — while wedges or block heels will help you stylishly transition from day to night.

Packing Clever: Avoid These 5 Travel No-Nos

You can’t take 100 pairs of shoes on your trip — narrow down to a few favorites.

You Don’t Need an Arsenal of Full-Sized Toiletries

Traveling can be rough for women; we want to use the same toiletries for two days as we’ll want for ten! To save space, transfer your essentials into mini bottles Cutting back by using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, bringing a day moisturizer with SPF and skipping out on your heat protection spray will make a difference. Clear out your makeup bag too before setting off. You don’t need five lip liners and a whole eye-shadow palette; bring two different shades of each, for day and night.

Packing Clever: Avoid These 5 Travel No-Nos

Condense your toiletries into mini-bottles and use 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to save valuable space.


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