Thanks to the creation of the internet, the way we shop has changed exponentially over the past decade. No more standing in long lines and having to go out of the way to shop on a busy weekend when you can do it from the comfort of your own home. While shopping for your fashion needs, online is the most convenient option. However, there are still a few ways that we all get it wrong. Here are eight essential do’s and dont’s when it comes to shopping for clothing online.


  • Do your research

One of the biggest fears when it comes to online shopping is, “how accurate is the size?” Although online shopping makes things a lot simpler, it can create a little confusion when starting out, but it’s something you can figure out eventually. When shopping at a new store, make sure to pay attention to their sizing charts in particular. Things like discount codes, free delivery, fabric quality and return policies are important when shopping online so do a little digging to improve your shopping experience and to be able to make more informed purchases.


  • Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale

While everybody loves a good sale, sometimes we buy things unnecessarily just because they’re on sale and it might not be the best decision. There’s nothing wrong with a good bargain, (we’re all about them!) but being a smart shopper means knowing when to hold back and when to splurge. Be mindful of what you purchase so you can get things that amplify your closet instead of cluttering it.


  • Do explore different brands

The other beauty of the internet, variety! With so many brands to choose from, there’s no reason you need to only shop at one store forever, unless that’s your kind of thing. With over 12,000 name brands to choose from, has the kind of variety you’ll love so there won’t be any boredom in your shopping future. Fashion is for playing around so try different styles that other brands might offer and who knows, you might find a way to up your signature look in the process!  


  • Don’t focus on trends

If there’s one thing with fashion that’s guaranteed, it’s that trends come and go. Sometimes a trend that fits your personal style comes along, and you can easily implement into your wardrobe (millennial pink can be worn in so many ways) while at other times, not so much, sorry, normcore. When dealing with trends, if something fits you and you love it, go for it. If you’re on the fence about a look, don’t get pressured into it and follow your individual sense of style. Yes, trends can be fun, but it’s your own twist on fashion that makes you stand out.


  • Do follow your instincts

See a pair of shoes you love but know you can’t wear because they’ll be painful in .25 seconds? Follow your gut and keep scrolling! Your instincts with anything, especially fashion should be followed to avoid making style blunders you’ll regret later. If something doesn’t seem like it will fit or you’re not completely in love with, you should follow that great intuition of yours and save your money for the perfect piece. As time passes, you can build the wardrobe you can be proud of that represents your individuality so do what feels right.


  • Don’t get overwhelmed by fashion “rules”

No white after Labor Day? No horizontal lines? No thank you! We’re living in the age of not abiding by “fashion rules” in favor of doing what works for you. If you love mixing prints, wearing a brown belt with black shoes or loading up on the accessories, there’s no real fashion police that will stop you. Granted, while fashion rules are meant to be broken, the key is making it look good. What works for some might not work for you so think about how you want to break those rules and do them with confidence, we won’t tell on you!


  • Do consider the seasons

When it’s summertime we’re avoiding the heat, when it’s cold, we’re dreaming of the sun, and so the cycle continues. While it’s fun to shop for things we’d like to wear at “some point”, it’s more important to think about the upcoming seasons and shop accordingly. If it’s November and you’re purchasing a floral crop top knowing that summer isn’t for another five months, it might not be the best decision since you won’t be able to wear the item for a long period of time. If you live somewhere with seasons, plan for the weather changes and save your money for the items you’re going to use sooner rather than later.


  • Don’t forget about coupons/savings

The beauty of being able to shop online is that you have access to amazing deals at the click of the button. With great coupons available on, the savings are plenty! Discounts and shopping variety are available every day making each day a good one to shop. This shopping tip will help you save so you can get more of what you love and be a smart shopper.


Shopping online is fun, a time saver and a money saver making it be optimal way to shop. With fashion, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the pretty pictures but in order to get the most of our money we have to be mindful of how we shop. With, you always have access to the best savings and deals available which makes shopping at over 12,000 name brand stores even better. Not only that but you can always earn Cash Back on every purchase. You already shop, get paid for it!

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