When it comes to men’s clothing, many might think there’s not much to it. They get up, put on anything and go, right? Not always the case. From jackets, shirts, trousers, and shoes, there’s a lot to think about and with ever changing trends, who knows what is in style right now? Luckily for you, we’ve put together a short list of must-have menswear garments that you can’t go wrong with if you’re looking to up your style game.


Fitted pants:

By now every man knows that you can’t go wrong with a well-fitted pair of pants, yet the perfect fit still eludes many. From jeans to chinos, to corduroys and everything in between, any pair can (and should) be taken to a tailor. With dress pants, make sure they’re loose but not baggy, they shouldn’t be too tight, and the length needs to be around the ankle. Corduroys and chinos can be a bit more fitted but depending on the event. Business meetings call for a looser fit like dress pants while a tighter fit is more for casual occasions. With jeans, skinny is out. A consistent fit in a dark wash can be just what the stylist ordered.


Bomber Jacket:

The bomber jacket is having a moment right now, and we’re on board. A lightweight option that can be paired with jeans and a tee or a striped shirt and slacks, it’s a look celebrities and designers love. Although not everybody can look as cool as Ryan Gosling in Drive in a bomber jacket, the garment does take you one step closer to that high level of style. It’s an easy fix for those busy weekends when a suit jacket is too formal and denim is too casual, the bomber is just right.


Floral Shirt:

Before you start thinking, Hawaiian luau, stay with us on this one. This isn’t your dad’s floral shirt; it’s a renewed spin on the weekend staple. A little whimsical in theory, the floral shirt, when done in a subdued print can be a versatile pick if dressed up (or down) right. Wear it with dark denim or with shorts, and you’re ready for a weekend brunch or a night out. Nothing says style risk-taker than implementing an unexpecting piece into your wardrobe.



Not just your high school go-to, the hoodie now has mass appeal with major fashion designers giving it their stamp of approval. Everybody from Justin Bieber to The Rock is rocking one these days, and they’re a must-have for any day of the week. Whether it’s a dark gray or millennial pink, the hoodie can add a little personality to your day look. Opt for a cotton blend without a logo to keep up to date with the trend that even your girlfriend will try to steal, just like in high school.


White sneakers:

The white sneaker, a minimalist dream meets fashion statement. All white or with a little detailing, this pair adds a fresh pop to your outfit so you can always look cool. This shoe lets people know you’re aware of trends but you stick with the ones that work for years to come and can make them your own. Look for a modern design and avoid the 90’s dad sneaker so you look more David Beckham and less Steve Jobs.


Many worry that looking dapper and well dressed might be easier said than done. With so many options of what to wear, it’s easy to get lost but when it comes to being well dressed, we’ve got your back. When you shop via DubLi.com you can guarantee that you’ll not only look your best but you’ll feel great knowing you’re making great savings and even earning Cash Back on all your spending.


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