A well-groomed man is someone who makes an effort to look after himself. Polished shoes, trimmed beard, and a cologne that delights the senses, who wouldn’t be impressed?! Ready to get your swag on? This is the ultimate grooming list if you’re looking to come across as effortlessly elegant by putting in a little effort. Gear up to tend to the four things that need your attention for you to be able to paint the world every shade of handsome.

1. Find the hair product that works for you:

Men’s hair products have come a long way since the Brylcreem that most dads swore by. Are you clued in on the vast variety of new products and what each one is for? If you are blessed with voluminous, thick hair and would opt for messy hairstyles, waxes and pomades should be your go to. On the contrary, if your hair’s thinner, try sprays and other light products that will work best for you. Ask your barber for a tip or two if you aren’t sure or can’t decide, but choosing the right products is the first step towards looking your best self.

2. Signature Scent

Aftershave is meant to embody personality in a subtle way. If your scent is stopping people in their tracks HINT HINTyou are wearing too much. It needs to be an exquisite element of your overall persona instead of being too loud and obvious. Best to pick two statement, classic scents that suit your personality rather than choosing from 5- 6 average smells each morning; the investment will be worth it. Spicy and woody scents typically suit the colder months, while lighter ocean and fruity scents work best in spring through summer.


3. Scrub your mug

They are available in decadent fragrance options and are essential to skincare. Scrubs are just textured face washes, they are thoughtfully designed to rake up dead skin cells, particularly around the nose. Your face is one of the most sensitive, yet one of the most exposed parts of your body. A twice a week regime should work best for all skin types if you choose correctly. Scrub off the Monday blues before you hit the sack, and follow it up later in the week right before the weekend so you can look your best! For every other day of the week, use a mild face wash. While it has plenty of benefits, over scrubbing is a serious grooming crime, so don’t overdo it.


4. Mani-Pedis are for men, too

Biting your nails is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Imagine shaking hands with a  special someone the first time you meet or an important business associate, it’d be a shame if all they choose to remember about you are your jagged nails. Caring for your hands and feet and trimming nails on a regular basis is a sign of cleanliness and good grooming. All you need is nail clippers, a nail file, and some lotion to finish the job. A mani-pedi at a salon can be a good option for the man who is always on the go. Keep in mind that well taken care of feet will reduce the chances of extreme foot odor and skin rashes too this is a grooming tip you don’t want to skip.


Follow these tips and we promise you’ll be the person who turns heads and captures hearts. Treating yourself right will enhance your image and confidence. So what are you waiting for? Shop for everything you need to be a better version of yourself and live your best life via dubli.com


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