First phones became smart, now TVs are smart. If you haven’t already upgraded your TV yet, you might soon be upgrading to a smart TV — for good. And we have 7 reasons that Smart TVs are going to be a perfect addition to your electronics family.

Missing remote? Download an App

The days of a missing remote control ruining the day are gone. With a Smart TV, you simply have to download an app to your mobile and the remote’s back in your hand (in phone form).

TV Apps

Rather than having a set number of channels at your fingertips, you have the Worldwide Web at your fingertips and can download all the most popular apps for channels, movies, sites, and more.

Netflix Just a Click Away

Most — if not all — new smart TVs come equipped with Netflix already as a default app, so all you have to do is sign in to your account, or create a new one. Watching your favorite movies and series is easier than ever — many relaxing nights on the couch or under the covers are in store for you.

Talk to Your TV

Many smart TVs have voice control so you simply talk to your remote control and tell it what you want to watch and it’ll take it from there. This is very helpful when you’re searching for anything on YouTube.

Make Your Next TV a Smart One

Many smart TVs are enabled with 3D technology, creating a movie theater feel from your couch.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing isn’t a new feature; it’s been available on TVs for a long time and often the TV screen is shared with a laptop screen to project movies. With Smart TVs, you can share your phone screen also. This means that you can play your games on your phone and see the game on the big screen.

Check Your Accounts

You have a phone, a computer and maybe even a tablet, so why do you need a TV to check your email or Facebook page? Because why not! On that day, that day when nothing works (we live in a work of technology, there i always one of these day!), you have a backup for emergencies. And Instagram or Facebook photos on the big screen — in all their HD glory — are a lot of fun.

Video Calling

Skype works on Smart TVs, so you can have a video and voice chat that will make you think of Marty McFly in Back To The Future Part II.

There are a lot of fun features that a smart TV provides –check out the high-quality, affordable models now available at Walmart — and get Cash Back when you buy. The alternative to buying a Smart TV is to get a streaming media player like Apple TV (also available at Walmart for $69, Amazon Fire TV (at Best Buy for *$89.99) or Roku Streaming Stick (only $39.99 at Best Buy), earning Cash Back on your purchase.

Before you buy: Do you want a 3D Smart TV? Smart TVs are internet TVs, not necessarily 3D enabled. So if you just need to have 3D capability., make sure you buy a model enabled with that enhancement.

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