By: Kaylin Meyer

Wouldn’t you love it if your kids wanted to learn rather than having to nag them to finish their homework or read for a few minutes before bed? Well, there’s an app for that.

Do you find that your kid(s) typically play on your phone, iPad or tablet instead of doing boring, tedious homework or studying after school? Probably, so, why not let them? Let us explain.

In the spirit of Halloween, play a little game with your kids. We like to call it “trick AND treat”. Trick them into playing a game on an educational app and treat their brain with quality knowledge along the way.

Quoting my sister, a teacher and mom of three, “I think apps are great as a supplement to regular education. And as a technology advanced toddler, your child will be ahead of their time!”

Here are 6 of the best educational apps for kids. Entertain your little ones while they learn!


Language learning has evolved — Duolingo allows children to easily track their progress across devices and share their accomplishments as they master up to nine languages. Self challenge to achieve new high scores or compete against friends to earn badges. This might be the quickest way for any child to become a polyglot.

Make Learning Fun: Download These 6 Top Educational Apps

Education has become a multifaceted endeavor as teachers bring technology into the classroom.



Scientifically tested, mother approved. Memrise is a brain booster through visual learning elements, rapid recall, and reviewing and strengthen. This learning app puts the brain to work by truly testing how well the user knows something. Kids can also enjoy learning 44 words an hour and have access to hundreds of different languages.

Khan Academy

Much like Google, Khan Academy emphasizes that you can learn anything for free! This app offers early education up through more mature knowledge. Take free online classes in basic math principles all the way up to calculus. Want to teach your kid about biology and medicine, economics and finance, world art, or computing? Go to Khan Academy. But wait a tic, this app doesn’t stop there: it also offers test prep and an intuitive design that provides over 100,000 interactive exercises. It’s fun for the whole family!


Brain training designed by scientists. Lumosity transforms science into fun and exciting games for your wee ones to play! With over 40 scientific games, your child will boost memory and attention, mental flexibility, and problem solving skills. This app lets the user take full control of which cognitive activities they wish to challenge. Available on the Web, iOS, and Android.

Make Learning Fun: Download These 6 Top Educational Apps

Educational apps and computer games provide a perfect supplement to a student’s schoolwork.


Formerly called Brainbow, Peak blends tech, gaming, science and education in an effort to helping people enjoy becoming better and smarter individuals every day. It brings cognitive training to the masses through personalized workouts, games and in-depth insights.

Kids Write ABC!

This is a Google Play app; the Apple Store offers a similar app called Write ABC Free. This brilliant educational app for toddlers offers colorful word animation and letter pronunciation. Kids Write ABC! inspires different ways to learn the alphabet and through writing recognition and color correction, it can determine if your child was able to replicate the strokes required to correctly draw the desired letter or number character. The most notable aspect of this app, your child can learn whenever they want – without needing adult supervision.

Bring learning to life and inspire creativity through technology — it’s a surefire way to get your tech-savvy kid’s attention.

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