With the imminent release of Beauty and the Beast this March, we’re reminiscing the classic love stories that have defined romance throughout the ages. As we stroll down memory lane, we start thinking: would these iconic couples have withstood the trials and tribulations of social media?

1. Romeo and Juliet

“Where4 art thou, Romeo?”

“Sending my pin on WhatsApp.”

Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were from archrival families engaged in a long-standing, bitter feud. They met when Romeo snuck into a party hosted by Juliet’s family. They instantly fell in love, got married, hid their relationship from their disapproving parents, and then ultimately committed suicide  all for love.

romeo and juliet

Which social media sites would’ve most affected this story?

SnapChat and Instagram. Romeo’s daring crash of the Capulet Ball would’ve been intercepted by Instagram stories or SnapChat video.

Would this love story have withstood the digital era?

🙁 Sorry, star-crossed lovers. Over before it even starts.


2. Beauty and the Beast

Spoiler alert in case you live in a cave and are waiting for the movie! The prince was turned into a beast and had to find love to break the curse. While imprisoned in the castle, Belle (Beauty) begins to see him for the man he is rather than the beast he appears to be. They fall in love.


Which social media program/s would’ve most affected this story?

Facebook. Surely someone would’ve created a “Where’s The Prince?” page.

Would this love story have withstood the digital era?

🙂 We think so.


3. Marc Antony and Cleopatra

Two great leaders of antiquity met and fell in love, but their love didn’t always suit the broader goals of strengthening their respective empires.

antony and cleopatra

Which social media platforms would have most impacted this love story?

Twitter and Facebook. These two lovers would’ve been regularly trending.

Would this love story have withstood social media?

🙂 This relationship was sparked by passion; social media would have fueled that passion even more.


4. Elizabeth and Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

The romantic foils from Jane Austen’s classic novel – aristocratic Fitzwilliam Darcy and regular girl Elizabeth Bennet – met and fell in love, bucking English society’s rigid expectations.

pride and prejudice

Which social media program/s would’ve most affected this story?

A local forum. Elizabeth would’ve considered herself “beyond” most platforms, but a chat forum that discussed local families would’ve given her the chance to “advise” everyone.

Would this love story have withstood the digital era?

🙂 Of course.


5. Jasmine and Aladdin

“ A whole new world… With wifi, data, and Bluetooth.”

Based on a Middle Eastern folk tale, Disney’s favorite princess and pauper are beloved by generations of fans. Jasmine initially met Aladdin when posing as a poor street girl, but their story continued when Aladdin asked his genie to turn him into a prince. But Jasmine falls in love with the real Aladdin, not the prince he pretended to be.


Which social media platforms might have most affected their story?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp. Aladdin would’ve recognized her from online pics. But she may never have gone out in the first place had she had the WWW to keep her brain busy.

Would this love story have withstood the digital era?

🙂 She wanted a real man, and Aladdin was as real as they come.

The Verdict:

Four out of five classic love stories would have withstood the landmines of social media – yay for love! You live in a generation influenced by some pretty impressive lovers.