If you’re a college student diving into your academic pursuits this school year, you’re probably already missing the carefree days of summer. The travel bug may be biting, and you’re dreaming about your next adventure. You’re in the best years of your life (so they say), you’re unattached, and your curiosity is at its peak. There’s only one (major) problem: You’re flat broke. I mean, you did just take out a hefty loan for college after all, so your checking account is on life support. Don’t give up. There are plenty of ways to travel the world on a student budget and explore the globe without emptying your bank account or piling up debt. You just have to learn to travel on a budget — booking your trip with DubLi and getting Cashback is a great start.

Do Volunteer Work

Many nonprofits and humanitarian organizations will pay for your room and board in exchange for a commitment to work in a humanitarian campaign. You will still have to pay to travel to the location, and depending on where it is, that could be an expensive flight. We recommend organizing a fundraising or Kickstarter campaign to help pay for travel expenses. Advertise that you are going on a humanitarian mission and watch as the donations pour in.

Get Shipshape on a Cruise Line

Cruise lines are constantly hiring young people to work on their ships as servers, bartenders, cooks, and many other positions. Large cruise ships are basically like floating cities, so there will definitely be a job available that fits your skill set, experience and interest. Fill out an application, and prepare to get paid to travel to some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

How to Travel the World on a Student Budget - DubLi Blog

Working on a cruise ship can take you to the most exotic locations on the planet.

Apply for a Travel Scholarship

Colleges are really pushing for students to study abroad. There are tons of opportunities for grants and scholarships for students to study in other countries. A quick Google search will yield many opportunities to get a graduate degree in another country, and many schools will help you secure the grants and scholarships you need to complete your education. These grants not only pay for tuition, but many of them will also cover travel, meals, and book expenses.

Your dream to travel the world on a student budget can become a reality by investigating the three opportunities posted above. So start learning a new language and enjoy the ride.

How to Travel the World on a Student Budget - DubLi Blog

You’re young and unattached — now is the best time to travel.

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