Do looks really make a difference when it comes to landing a great job? In reality, your resume and your interview play a much larger role in the hiring process, but the way you dress still matters. In fact, surveys almost always reveal that interviewing managers consider how an applicant dresses to be a reflection of the candidate’s viability in the workplace. Dressing appropriately tells interviewers that you care about the job and want to be successful. Showing up in wrinkled clothing or mismatched attire sends out signals of disrespect no matter the position for which you’re applying. And while you may know that dressing for success is important, you may not know exactly how it’s done. Here are some great tips for keeping it simple when it comes to dressing for an interview.
[title text=”The Cost of a Good Wardrobe”]



For starters, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a great impression. Dressing well doesn’t have to mean dressing expensively. In fact, you may project the opposite air to interviewers, essentially telling them that you can afford nicer things and expect to be treated as such. Still, that doesn’t mean you can choose cheaply made clothing either. You need to strike a balance between value and quality. Solid pieces may cost more up front but will last longer over time, allowing you to wear them to future interviews, board meetings and important lunches with clients. Invest wisely in your wardrobe to make the clothing last.


[title text=”Don’t Be Afraid of Color”]

shutterstock_132745589In the old days, common advice said to choose bland and neutral tones to make the best impression. While you should still opt for subtlety over garish colors, you can get a little vibrant with your ensemble. This advice goes for both men and women. Both genders should still choose darker colors for suit pieces, but they can get a little creative when it comes to blouses, dress shirts and ties. If you’re a man who’s confident in himself, then choosing a vibrant tie projects boldness and style. For women, the challenge comes in choosing strong pieces that still project confident femininity. In either case, opt for bold prints offset by neutral tones for best effect.
[title text=”Details Matter”]


Believe it or not, your interviewers will notice whether your shoes go with your outfit. While they may not be able to tell if you’re wearing a borrowed pair of shoes or brand new designer loafers, they can see the difference between a coordinated outfit and a mess. It’s important to note that many interviewers only glance at an applicant’s ensemble, but if you have mismatched elements, then they stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure your accessories coordinate effectively and that everything is pressed and hanging the way it should. You don’t have to look like a runway model, but you do need to look like you took the time to put your best foot forward.
[title text=”Keep the Extras to a Minimum”]

shutterstock_127759394While you should pay attention to how your shoes coordinate with your accessories and other important details, err on the side of subtlety when it comes to things like makeup, perfume and cologne. This isn’t a date; it’s an interview. You will more than likely offend people with gaudy jewelry, pungent cologne and dramatic eye liner, and the impression you leave won’t be a good one. Instead, choose subtle scents that are almost impossible to identify and makeup that highlights your features without overemphasizing the artwork. When in doubt, go without fragrance and keep jewelry to a bare minimum.
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Keep in mind that your interview will probably last less than an hour, which means you may not get a chance to show off that expensive watch or the details of your coordinating shoes. You want to project a good overall image rather than get bogged down in specifics. As long as you present yourself as a clean professional who cares about your appearance to the public, then an interviewer will appreciate the gesture. While you’re browsing online for deals on blazers and slacks, check out Dubli’s awesome cashback program. You can save even more with daily deals and cashback incentives for shopping all your favorite brands and stores.

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