By: Kaylin Meyer

Halloween tends to bring out everyone’s wild side. However, when it comes to costumes there’s a time and place for uninhibited ensemble choices – and wearing an outrageous costume between the hours of 9 and 5 is an office no-no.

If you are trying to decide on the perfect Halloween costumes for work this year, take a step back and think about what’s appropriate. Let’s cover some of the basics and discuss the dos and don’ts for Halloween costume etiquette at work.

DO incorporate a theme.

Group costumes are an awesome to get everyone in the festive spirit, so why not devise an office-wide endeavor? Dress up as a box of crayons or suggest that the office dress like a gang of bank robbers about to undertake a grand heist. Just make sure you don’t look too real — the police might give you some unwanted attention. Shop and receive up to 14% Cashback.

Halloween Costume Etiquette at Work: How Not to Get Fired

Dressing in a group theme is a fun way to add some pizzazz at your office gathering. | Photo by



DON’T forget that you will actually have to wear your getup while you work.

Whatever you choose to wear for the day, remember that your boss will still be on site and you have to work all day in your costume. So, if it requires you to bring a buddy to the bathroom to help you with your zipper – it’s probably not an ideal office costume. Shop Halloween Express through and receive up to 12% Cashback!

Halloween Costume Etiquette at Work: How Not to Get Fired

Dressing as an inflatable baby might get a few laughs, but you’ll be hard-pressed to get any work done. | Photo by


DO wear an ingeniously clever costume.

Trying to score some points with your boss? Wear something classically hilarious or tastefully classic – it’s a sure way to help show off your better side.

DON’T be the only person in a costume.

Find out just how amped up your coworkers actually are when it comes to dressing in costume at the office. No one wants to show up and…surprise! You’re the only one in costume. Take advice from Ms. Elle Woods.

DON’T be the only person NOT in a costume.

Nobody likes a party pooper who thinks they’re too cool for a costume! Don’t be a boring or non-festive, it’s that simple.

DO wear something classy.

If you would wear it to your child’s Halloween party, then it’s probably okay to wear to work. As long as neither you nor your 9-year-old are blushing, you’re good to go. Receive up to 14% Cashback when you shop through

Here’s a perfect example of a classy Halloween costume for the office (6.5%/12.5% Cashback).

Halloween Costume Etiquette at Work: How Not to Get Fired

Dressing as Cruella De Vil adds an element of class to the office on Halloween. | Photo by

DON’T wear anything NC-17!

This probably goes without saying, but if you got your costume from Hustler Hollywood, you should most certainly NOT wear it to the office. Sorry.

DO rock something sneakily creepy.

Men or women can rock a suit with a noose tie. It’s simple: Grab some rope and tie it like a noose, then own it throughout the cubicles of your office building. It can be just the subtly disturbing look you are going for! Or ladies, try startling your co-workers with some eerie Beetlejuice stockings! It’ll make for a fiendishly festive look!

Halloween Costume Etiquette at Work: How Not to Get Fired

A noose tie is a creepy yet formal way to celebrate Halloween at the office.


DON’T dress up as a political figure.

Politics are a touchy subject, and you’re bound to run into a few people who will make unsolicited snide remarks — and some might be downright offended. In a similar vein, it would be wise to avoid costumes that could be perceived as racially or religiously insensitive.

Halloween Costume Etiquette at Work: How Not to Get Fired

You might have the best intentions when you dress up as Michelle Obama, but political costumes can stoke controversy. | Photo by

DO ignite the Halloween spark!

Get in the festive spirit by placing a bowl of candy on your desk — you’ll be everyone’s favorite co-worker to visit!

DON’T overindulge in holiday spirits

I know it seems like common sense, but sometimes when we are in the moment, you might find yourself pouring that extra glass of spiked pumpkin beer. Moral of this story is – don’t abuse the free alcohol and get out of control. What is acceptable at a frat party probably won’t fly at a work gathering.

DO have an awesomely festive office Halloween and make sure to post your work pictures on Facebook and Twitter so we can all enjoy!

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