By: Kaylin Meyer

I hate to break it to you, but unless you’re a master chef, shopping for your weekly meals at the grocery store is a bit old-fashioned. Like most other daily activities, the way we shop for and plan our meals is constantly evolving.

You’ve probably heard of meal delivery services, or maybe even know a guy that’s tried one out. They aren’t necessarily new, but they certainly are on the rise and we firmly believe it’s time we (yes, we) give our taste buds some love and sample one of these culinary establishments. David Copperfield doesn’t have anything on this particular meal delivery service — MagicKitchen.

MagicKitchen (5.2%/11.2% Cash Back) offers perfectly portioned, delicious frozen meals crafted by chefs for your specific dietary needs. The service has options for diabetics, seniors, heart-healthy, dialysis-friendly as well as a vegetarian and gluten free menu. Here are just a few examples of how MK is transforming how we eat.

Save Time

Forget wasting time looking for a parking spot or waiting in lines at the grocery store. These extremely delicious ready-to-eat meals are delivered right to your doorstep! Are you constantly on the go, never sure when you’ll be home? No problem. MagicKitchen’s meals arrive in a convenient, reusable and recyclable Styrofoam box kept cold with dry ice. You can select the date you want to receive the delivery, and they ship anywhere in the country within three days. Bada bing, bada boom.

Get Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door with MagicKitchen

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in blueberry toaster cakes for dessert without having to go to the trouble of running to the store and then baking all day?

Save Money

For most of us, between eating out and grocery shopping, food expenses eat up a sizable chunk of our weekly budget. With MagicKitchen’s variety of meal plans, sizes and bundle options, it’s likely that you’ll actually spend less on food per week. Also, depending on your diet, you may even be able to get more out of each meal and have leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Talk about getting more bang for your buck.

Get Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door with MagicKitchen

You can save money with MagicKitchen as you savor delicious meals like Chicken Ana Luisa.

Meals For One or Family Portions

Most other meal delivery services only offer meals that are designed for two people. MagicKitchen offers an array of options for meal programs and proportions for households of any size. So go ahead and order a meal for one or make it family size, it’s entirely up to you and your needs!  

You can get a variety of meal sizes for delicious entrees like chicken and artichoke stuffed with spinach.

You can get a variety of meal sizes for delicious entrees like chicken and artichoke stuffed with spinach.

Vegetarian Friendly

Some meal delivery services leave vegetarians with very few choices (cue up the sad trombone).  MagicKitchen, though, has more than 10 completely vegetarian options to satiate you herbivores out there! The company also have a large selection of chef prepared meals for new moms!

Get Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door with MagicKitchen

Hey vegetarians: Check out MagicKitchen’s delicious Eggplant Parmigiana and many other meat-free dishes.

Personal Service

After you make your initial order, the company will contact you directly to discuss your meal preferences, diet requirements, nutritional goals and allergies — attention to detail that I don’t foresee many grocery stores or restaurants doing.

Cash Back

Quick question: Do you get Cash Back as you’re paying the bill at your favorite Chinese or Mexican restaurant? Our bet is you probably don’t. You certainly don’t get Cash Back from the supermarket cashier after wandering around the store for an hour. So what have you got to lose? Live smart, choose healthy and get Cash Back when you order your meals delivered from MagicKitchen (5.2%/11.2% Cash Back). Bon appétit!

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