Everything you need to recall before you start watching Game of Thrones season 7

The most anticipated moment in television history is finally here: Winter! And with it comes loads of baggage that’s been carried around for the last six seasons. Only a handful of shows has the capacity to create a buzz like Game Of Thrones. It’s the ultimate entertainment package with political conflict, sword fights, romance (and lack thereof), dry humor, magic fires, ice zombies and let’s not forget – The Dragons!

Season 6 was extremely monumental and left viewers in awe due to the abundance of hardcore battles scenes, tangled relationships and twisted morals. There is much to be anticipated for what is to come this next season. Can’t recall everything you’ve seen in the past 6 seasons? Like, the fact that Dany’s cold blooded brother’s name was Viserys Targaryen? We’ve got you covered, here is a recap of all that matters or will matter to get you Season 7 ready!   

Cersei Lannister – The Enemy of All Westeros

In the finale of season 6, we see that Cersei prompts herself comfortably on the Iron Throne, taking a victorious stand after abolishing the majority of King’s Landing along with the Seven Faith, Queen Margaery, and Ser Loras Tyrell. Surely she will be plotting her defenses, but she is vulnerable to enemies around every corner. The only detail that made Cersei seem somewhat of a decent human being is her love for her children. But now motherless with the fall (or more like a leap) of her last non-murdered child, Tommen, her heart is pure evil. Aside from her twin brother/lover, she has nothing left to sacrifice. She will fight with all her wrath of evil to remain on the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow’s A What?

If you thought Jon Snow’s life couldn’t get any more epic after his rise from the dead, you were wrong.The long-lived fan theory of R+L=J has been confirmed, and the newly appointed King of the North is officially a Targaryen. Major whoa factor. This means that the beloved Ned Stark is even more noble and honest than we imagined  –  not having a bastard son with some rando woman while out warring with Robert Baratheon further proves that. This may be the best-kept secret in the television history. And all the spite the late, Catelyn Stark held against poor Jon Snow was just cruel. But still, ‘Jon Snow knows nothing’ and this newly profound piece of information remains with his half-brother, Bran.

Bran Stark and His Powers

Speaking of Bran who seems like he’s been in hibernation all of Season 5 (obviously busy training with the Three-eyed Raven), well, too much warging and snooping around in the past granted the White Walkers the rights of passage into the sacred cave. This painfully caused the demise of Leaf, Summer, the Three-eyed Raven, and Hodor with his iconic Hold-The-Door scene (this one still hurts). Now it is Bran’s destiny to become the Three-eyed Raven, but with new information about his half-brother, Jon Snow, who knows what his next move will be? After all, we still have to see him fly.

Sansa’s Speculative Eyeing

Sansa has been through a hellish ordeal in the arms of the most gruesome and wicked men. She hasn’t come off as someone who seeks power, but she’s had issues being taken seriously as we know from the ‘Battle of Bastards’ when Jon dismissed her advice to involve the Knights of the Vale. We all saw that speculative stare she gave to Peter ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish when her half-brother, Jon Snow was crowned King of The North. Baelish has been trying to sow some kind of seed with Sansa for the longest to get himself the powers he seeks. Has the manipulation finally taken a toll on Sansa?

Badass Arya

Arya has learned some major revenge tricks with her training as a Faceless Man. Towards the end of Season 6, we see that ‘A Girl is No One’ decided that she actually is someone. “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I am going home,” she reasserts her identity to Jaqen H’ghar and gets the heck out of Braavos. In Westeros, she continues to tick people of her hit list starting with Lothar Frey and Black Walder Rivers who were responsible for killing Talisa Stark (Robb Stark’s wife) and her mother, Catelyn Stark, and finishes off on Walder Frey with the infamous ‘pie.’ She is ready to bring full justice to the Stark family in Season 7.

Daenerys to Westeros

She has a massive combat team, including Tyrion Lannister, a few of the Greyjoys, her dragons, and is headed to Westeros to claim her rightful heir of the Iron Throne. But not so fast, ‘Mother of Dragons,’ we’ve learned that she’s not the only Targaryen left as Jon Snow is suddenly in the picture. Will they battle it out or form an allegiance in marriage? Jon may be her nephew, but in the Game of Thrones world, that’s a minor, fickle detail. Either way, the audience can assume that Daenerys will be kicking some major butt this coming season.  

The White Walkers & Wights

These ice-zombie-like creatures have been playing it real low-key  – eerily diminishing everything that stands in their way throughout the show. It’s not until the unprecedented Massacre at Hardhome in Season 5 that we see their true wrath and undaunting strength. But now that winter has approached, they won’t shy away for long. While the rest of the Seven Kingdoms fight their own civil war, these creatures have the upper-hand, unless the living can put their differences aside and join to defeat this common enemy.  

Remaining Burning Questions:

  • Will Euron Greyjoy be the next evil, most-hated character?
  • Will Jon Snow discover his fate and how will that knowledge change the course of events?
  • Will Brienne rekindle her flame with Jamie Lannister or finally give Tormund a chance?
  • How will Bran learn to fly as has been prophesized by the late Three-eyed Raven?
  • Will Gendry make an appearance and try to revive House Baratheon?
  • Will the friend-zoned Ser Jorah Mormont return cured?
  • How does Sam Tarly pursuing dreams at the Citadel fall in place with the rest of the story?


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