These days, traveling around the world is less expensive and much more convenient than ever. But even with lower costs, you can still find even better deals on travel by shopping online and staying ahead of the game. Whether you travel frequently or just need to get away, the following travel hacks will help save money and time on all of your fabulous getaways.

Packing Tips & Tricks

shutterstock_115769473Before you set off on your whirlwind adventure, you need to get a handle on packing. Effective packing will help you save time and energy during your travels. In general, frequent travelers tend to avoid checking luggage. This will help eliminate that not-so-uncommon lost luggage scenario and ensure that you have everything you need on-hand at all times. If you do check a bag, then make sure your carryon luggage contains basic toiletries and a change of clothes just in case.

Maximize your suitcase space whether you’re checking a bag or not. Try the following travel hacks for effective suitcase stuffing:

  • Roll up socks and underwear into your shoes.
  • Store shirts and other light items in gallon-sized plastic bags.
  • Reduce wrinkling by using tissue paper to layer your folds.
  • When bringing back wine, store the bottle in a pair of shoes by fitting it diagonally into each one.

Traveling pros conserve as much space as possible without cramming their clothes and valuables into a jumbled mess. Once you learn how to effectively pack and store your items, you can eliminate excess clutter.

Air Travel Bargains

shutterstock_96530158The most expensive part of any trip usually involves air travel. No matter where you’re flying, you can get stuck paying astronomical fares. Fortunately, you can cut down on flight costs significantly using a variety of methods. Travel gurus know that the best way to save money on a flight is to book early and take advantage of special offers. Here are some other great ways to save:

  • When possible, be flexible with your dates. Sometimes airlines offer special last-minute deals, and you can save big money simply by flying a day earlier.
  • Sign up for frequent flyer programs and airline-specific rewards programs. Airlines reward passengers for their loyalty, and you’ll earn free flights for the future.
  • Use a travel discount site such as DubLi’s newly redesigned travel portal. Combined with their unique cashback incentive program, you’ll save hundreds of dollars off of flights around the world.

If you don’t plan on flying, you can also find great car rental deals and other mass transportation deals around the world by searching online for discount bus travel. Just make sure you’re signed up for frequent traveler cards that will help you earn points toward future travel.
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shutterstock_136075499Looking for travel hacks in your own neck of the woods? Fortunately, you don’t have to hop on a flight to London to save big when it comes to travel. You can find hotel stays, entertainment deals and local bargains online right in your own city. Frequent travelers take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer, and you can, too. Try these tricks for saving even more during your travels:

  • Use discount coupon sites to take advantage of deals on restaurants, shops and more.
  • If you’re adventurous, consider checking out couch-sharing programs worldwide. These allow you to swap houses or stay with locals all over the world.
  • Check out hotel deals on a variety of national and international websites. You might find a hotel deal listed on a lesser-known site that doesn’t appear anywhere else.

Packing smart, shopping online and being flexible can really pay off in the long run. You don’t have to stay at lower quality hotels to get a great bargain. Use DubLi’s online travel portal to find special promotions and book with your favorite travel discount sites. You’ll earn cash rewards while saving money on all of your traveling needs.

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