June may be the most popular bridal month, but thousands of brides buck tradition every year by choosing to wed in the cooler months. And while the beautiful changing foliage might form the perfect backdrop for artistic photography, autumn weddings come with a set of challenges that summer weddings lack. From early twilight to colder climates, autumn weddings require some extra planning to ensure that you and your guests enjoy this special day. If you plan on getting married during fall, then read on to learn some practical tips for working around certain setbacks and embracing everything autumn has to offer.


[title text=”Dressed to Impress”]

shutterstock_92580751Fortunately for men, tuxes remain universally acceptable throughout the year. For brides, however, wedding dresses come in limited styles and seem almost universally tailored to meet the needs of summer nuptials. Likewise, bridesmaids dresses also seem to come perfectly poised for warmer months and longer days. Getting married later in the year means you’ll need to do some extra planning to ensure that you and your ladies stay comfortable throughout the day.

Try these styling tips on for size:

  • Ask your bridal shop about the possibility of adding sleeves to strapless or short-sleeved dresses.
  • Think outside the taffeta box when it comes to autumn fabrics. You can find lots of unique styles online or in stores when you expand your search to include nontraditional material.
  • If you can’t add sleeves, then accessorize. Add stockings, shoulder wraps and even retro muffs to help your party stay warm. You can save money online by browsing designer stores for fun and fashionable extras.


[title text=”Dancing the (Early) Night Away”]

shutterstock_27828895Cooler months bring shorter days, and you may need to adjust your start times, especially when planning an outdoor evening wedding. While you can work around the lighting issue by installing stringed lights and Japanese lanterns, you should reserve these tactics for the reception. During the ceremony, you’ll want to help your photographers out as much as possible by letting them capture the beautiful changing leaves around you, not to mention all those special wedding moments. Plus, planning an earlier wedding will allow your guests to get their own pictures, and you and your spouse can head out for an earlier honeymoon.


[title text=”All the Leaves are Brown”]


shutterstock_130024382The one major downside in terms of traditional wedding day details is that the fall offers a limited selection when it comes to fresh flowers. However, you can still create beautiful bouquets using fun and unique fall foliage. Whether you order your bouquet online or go to your local florist, test out a variety of colors and styles using nontraditional elements. One recent trend involves the blending of soft, feminine flowers with certain types of cacti or pine cones. Just because the leaves have started to turn brown doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the color. There are still lots of vibrant varieties left this late in the year to satisfy your need for colorful arrangements.

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You don’t have to compromise on your personal wedding aesthetic just because the weather is cooler and the sky is darker. You can still plan and carry out a fabulous ceremony while working with the natural elements. Fall weddings often result in beautiful photos, and cooler weather can work to your advantage as guests warm up during the evening festivities. Just make sure you stock up on all your wedding-day essentials and save money online using an excellent cashback program like the one offered by DubLi. From designer gowns to honeymoon travel arrangements, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on everything you need to start your happily-ever-after off right.

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