Summer is the perfect time to put on your superhero cape and save Rover and Kitty from seasonal bloodsuckers without emptying out your wallet. Why? We’re full-on into flea and tick season, and chances are there’s a chance they’ll catch something with increased time outside.

Plus, there are fantastic deals on pet products available now. For instance, DubLi’s V.I.P. Members can save 12.5% Cashback at They’re one of the premiere online retailers of Frontline®, K9 Advantix™, Advantage®, Capstar® and Program®. On average, one application of those types of pet products will keep Kitty and Rover protected for up to four months!

Take care of Kitty this summer to prevent fleas and ticks

Take care of Kitty this summer to prevent fleas and ticks isn’t the only pet retailer offering DubLi members deals on flea and tick products. Significant Cashback on medications may be found at 1-800 PetMeds, EntirelyPets, PetCareRX, and Only Natural Pet®. If you are really into taking a holistic approach to dog or cat ownership, Only Natural Pet® is a great place to shop, and you can save up to 11.2% Cashback as a V.I.P. Member. They sell a wide variety of natural flea and tick solutions that are gentle on pets, humans and the environment. For example, one of their signature products is an All-In-One Flea Remedy made from diatomaceous earth.

Just in case you’ve never heard of diatomaceous earth, please allow us to explain. It starts out life as hard-shelled algae, which die and eventually transform into siliceous sedimentary rocks. The rocks are then mined and broken down into a powder, which is oven dried. The powder is very porous and rich in minerals. As such, it dries out the exoskeletons of fleas, ticks and other bothersome bloodsuckers. Most bloodsuckers, by the way, need high amounts of humidity and warmth to survive. That’s why they’re so prevalent in the spring and summer. It’s also why exposure to diatomaceous earth will kill them rather quickly. Who knew pet care could get so scientific?!

To discover more dynamic deals on great flea and tick products like diatomaceous earth, shop for all your Pet Care needs on DubLi today.

There’s no truer love than that from a pet

There’s no truer love than that from a pet


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