“The most courageous act is to express yourself. Aloud.”

– Coco Spring/Summer 2018 is looking courageous. Chanel


It is time to get excited: fashion this year embodies the ideals of diversity, equality, and individuality. Being the first to wear the next “it” item is what makes luxurious fashion, fashionable. The latest arrivals and eclectic runway pieces will eventually be everywhere on the street, but by getting in on it first, you’re setting the trend, not just following it. And, of course, every fashion-forward individual wants to have the cutting edge style, ahead of the rest. As winter’s reaching a warm end, Spring/Summer fashion is already being hung up in the most stylish closets in town. Here are five things you can add to your closet today to get you ahead of the trend.

1. Symmetrically-Printed Dress

Patterns are not new to the fashion scene, but symmetrical patterns have really caught the world’s attention this year. In addition to seeing floral prints, many luxury brands are showcasing dresses with a mix of solid color and symmetric designs.

The Inspiration

Last year, style drew inspiration from the 90s. This year, turn the clock back five decades to the late 1940s; a time when being perfectly put together was the norm. Fashion is still heavily inspired by the 90s and 80s, but now with more nuances from the 40s making a cameo on the runway.

2. A-Line Skirt

Skirts this season are delightfully lavish. A perfectly cut skirt is quite complimentary on all body types and can give your platinum style an influencing edge. An A-line is called such because it is fitted at the waist but widens at the lower hem to give the skirt an ‘A’ shape. Skirts are also ideal when time isn’t on your side. As time has proven, skirts, diamonds, and quick, healthy meals are a busy girl’s BFF.

Vogue Casual

A raw-silk A-line skirt may glisten with heels, but with sneakers it’s vogue. Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, commented about the way designers have crafted the season’s fashion as “… very individual; you can take something that might only be worn at night and wear it in the day with sneakers or flip flops.” This season gives you what the luxury fashionista expects: choice.

3. Blouse

A perfectly tailored blouse can give your style that effortless touch and your physique a complementary element. The blouse can be worn under an equally fitted jacket that can be buttoned down to emphasize your neckline or can be either short sleeved or three-quarter sleeved. There’s a lot of room to play around with its proportions so get creative!


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Runway Inspiration

Marc Jacobs’ Spring runway was awe-inspiring and gave the fashion world much to awaken their imagination. Bright colors, patterns, sequins, and beads will all be the art tools of the fashionable to play with when creating their art.

4. Skinny Cut Pedal Pushers

Daytime outfits and nightwear one are made fabulous with the pedal pusher. The skinny-fit pedal pusher is going to be one of your favorite day-wear items as you transition into spring and through to summer. The denim pedal pusher was very popular in the 90s, and designers such as Tom Ford have said “Fashion at the moment is very more, more, more. I wanted to parallel that away with something slicker, more streamlined, that captured the energy of [the 90s].”

Wear it with a checkered shirt

It goes with other essentials such as the fashion favorite beloved checkered shirt.

5. Pants

Great pants have been a closet staple for a number of years, and while they’re not out of fashion, the full pant has come in as this season’s must-have style. Much like the blouse, the full pant is a perfectly cut piece that will take your ensemble to the next level. They also give the appearance of a longer and slimmer set of pins, what’s not to love? Chic pants have been popular on the Instagram pages of everyone’s favorite stores including Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Style your look from top to toe and add one of 2018’s Must-Have Hair Accessories to give it that finishing touch.

Slaying the style game is how you pave the way for others to follow in your fashion footsteps. Dressing designer, being of refined taste, call it what you will, the message is clear: you only wear the best. Fill your closet with the finest pieces now. Visit dubli.com, join as a privileged VIP member, and earn exclusive rewards for your online purchases made via dubli.com from the world’s best luxury e-tailers.


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