Just like the seasons, lipstick shades are always changing, and fall is a time when shades become bolder and warmer. You may be one of those who sticks to one or two shades that suit you, but don’t be afraid to branch out of the norm. There are probably more lip shades than there are people on earth, so it’s time to turn a new leaf and change up your lippy game.


Decide on the type of lipstick you want to master this fall. Go for a liquid lipstick to keep your lips looking smooth and hydrated. Metallic lipstick also has this effect with more shimmer, but you may need to apply a layer of chapstick beforehand to keep your lips hydrated. Matte lipsticks leave a velvety finish that adds a significant statement to your pout. Long lasting lipstick will help you sustain your shade and wallet as you will only need to apply once with a few, small touch-ups.


But before you commit to a shade you like, it’s important that the lipstick flatters your skin tone, because the same lipstick shade that looks good on Beyonce’s golden complexion might not compliment Adele’s moonlit skin. Here are the best lipstick shades for your skin tone on days when you want to feel light and flirty or bold and sultry.

Fair Skin

To complement your cool undertones, soft pinks, corals, and peach fit best.

  • Light and Flirty:

Try a mix of coral pink lipstick or Mac’s Peach Blossom. These two shades add a hint of flirty color that works well on a new date or around the office.

  • Dark and Sultry:

Who would have thought that orange would make a great shade for lipstick? On fair complexions, orange lipstick gives off an adventurous look that goes beyond conventional. Try an orange matte lipstick for that velvety texture. Stone Mac lipstick looks as it sounds, like a stone. This color stands out on fair skin making your pout look as dramatic as night.

Medium Skin

Medium skin tones have cooler undertones with a splash of warmth. It’s important to choose the right shade to prevent you from looking washed out.

  • Light and Flirty:

Berry lipstick is the best shade to illuminate your skin tone when you’re going for a nude look. Try Nars’ Audacious Anita; it is a mauve-nude that applies shiny and lasts you all day. Teddy Velvet by MAC is less nude and adds more hue, Huda Beauty has a great liquid matte version of this shade. Top it off with some Huda Lashes to complete your flirty look.

  • Dark and Sultry:

Dare to wear red because red lipstick is every gal’s go-to, especially if you’re going for a look that says I am woman, hear me roar. There are countless shades of red lipstick, but a red lip color that compliments this skin tone is one that is blue-based in the undertones. Go for Mac’s Russian Red that has a matte finish.

Tan Skin

Lipstick hues that complement tan skin’s golden undertones are plum shades and just about any shade of red.

  • Light and Flirty:

Nars’ Audacious Raquel is the perfect blend of beige and petal pink. The satin sheen lights up your lips, and it’s long lasting! Other shades that look great on this skin tone is MAC Plum lipstick and MAC Honeylove. It will have your honey starry-eyed over your luscious lips.

  • Dark and Sultry:

Black lipstick and Stone Mac is your go-to bold look, and don’t be afraid that you will look like a character from The Craft, because if anyone can make these shades work in everyday life without looking emo, it’s you. Try a black cherry lipstick that has a red undertone. This dark lipstick will have you owning the night.

Dark Skin

Darker complexions have golden undertones and are able to rock every bold color in the book.

  • Light and Flirty:

Brown matte lipstick and taupe are superb shades for a nude look. They fit perfectly for your everyday wear. Another shade is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Creme lipstick that has a liquid base that will make your lips look smooth as butter.

  • Dark and Sultry:

Blue Matte, Orange Matte, Stone Mac, and Black lipstick are just a few of the hues that will have you looking fearless enough to rule the world. Bold was made for you, so don’t be afraid to show how daring you can be.


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