Now that summer has ended, many people resume their routines without giving much thought to vacation. With so many school and work schedules to work around, you and your family might not have the time to take a vacation. However, fall offers some of the most exciting opportunities for travel. If you find yourself with a long weekend or a break from the norm and wonder how to make the most of it, consider booking an off-season vacation with your loved ones. Here are some great fall-friendly vacation spots to make the most of your travels.
[title text=”Family-Friendly Locales”]

shutterstock_5875267During the summer, thousands of families trek to famous theme parks around the world to experience their favorite characters and rides while they’re on vacation from school. Once school resumes, most families avoid taking vacations and for good reason. However, if your kids are a little older or can afford to miss a few days during the year, taking a family vacation to family-friendly areas offers a unique opportunity. Theme parks and oceanfront condos are significantly less expensive during the fall, the time of year that most people consider off-season. If you time your family vacation around your children’s fall break, then you can take advantage of special savings by booking online without missing too much school.
[title text=”Camping & Outdoor Experiences”]

shutterstock_132178658Cooler temperatures in the fall and early winter present a great opportunity if you enjoy the great outdoors. Most insects and other unwanted pests retreat when it gets cooler, and larger animals will shortly begin their routine hibernation. These facts combined with the low rental rates of many state parks mean that you, your family and friends can spend a weekend at your favorite park for a fraction of the cost of high-season travel. Just make sure you stock up on warmer clothing and insulated sleeping bags and tents. Cooler weather might make your camping experience more pleasant, but it also means a chillier night once the sun goes down.
[title text=”Road Trip through the U.S. Northeast”]

shutterstock_119289454Whether you live in the United States or not, taking a mini-road trip through the northeast provides ample opportunity when you use online booking for rental cars and supplies. From seaside vacations in Maryland and New Jersey to the lakeside splendor in Maine and Michigan, you’ll find a variety of things to see and do in the upper northeast. Fall is the perfect time of year to tour the upper east coast thanks to the brilliant shades of changing leaves, local fall festivals and historical reenactments. For those inclined more towards modern comfort over historical tours, New York City offers an exciting array of theatre shows, shopping and famous restaurants.
[title text=”European Cruise”]



If you’ve always wanted to take a tour of Europe, cruises offer the most economical way to see a little bit of several major countries. Many cruise lines offer special packages that allow you to cruise the Mediterranean and other European waterways. The time of year makes such packages affordable, and you can find great deals and promotional opportunities by booking online. A European cruise allows you to get a glimpse of the historical and modern charms of major countries without having to worry about changing accommodations. It’s an all-inclusive traveling treat for those who crave adventure.
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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. Off-season rates and special packages make autumn traveling more affordable and convenient. You can experience the hottest tourist spots without the crowds of fellow travelers. While you’re online booking hot travel deals using DubLi’s unique travel portal, check out the awesome cashback incentive program. From luggage to plane tickets, you’ll earn cashback rewards on everything you need to make your fall traveling a success.


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