Every year, fashionistas eagerly await Fashion Week to reveal the hottest trends of the season. This year’s catwalk revealed playful, imperfect, and natural looks with pops of bold linings. Turn in your neutral summer looks and aim for fearless this fall. Here are the top 5 runway trends of the season.

Statement Brows

fall beauty trends wavy eyebrows

The runaway is all about statement pieces, but rather than necklaces and earrings making a statement this year, it was all in the brow. Long gone are the days of thin, penciled-in eyebrows as thick and dark brows have been trending for a few years now. But to add an extra kick to the look, squiggle, wavy brows are in and they just broke Instagram. Maybe this style doesn’t quite fit the office or school life, but Halloween is right around the corner!

Baby Braids

fall beauty trends baby braids

Tired of the same two hair styles you wear every week? Add some texture to your locks with small strands of braids in random sections and blend them into the rest of your hair. This is a simple way to add pizzazz to your daily look.

Metallic Accents

fall beauty trends eyes

Let your eyes and nails sparkle with metallic accents. The runway shone with elegant golden eyes and grown-up glitter (yes, that’s a thing, and praise the glamour gods because it’s here to stay). So rock that metallic look like the grown-a** woman, child you are!

Vampy Lips

fall beauty trends vampy lips

Channel your inner Selene (Underworld) or Bella (Twilight, if you’re under 24 years old), because deep red lips are killer this season.  Red is a color of passion, fire, and beauty and the autumn season is the best time to showcase your sultry side. Check out other trending Fall Lip Shades to up your lippy game.

Color Pop

fall beauty trends pop of color

Eyes are the window to the soul, and the best way to feature your electric and punk core is by shading your eyes with vibrant pops of color. This year, makeup artist Val Garland threw the best kind of shade by imperfectly sweeping pigments of color like teal, red, and orange around the eye. Now, beauty icons are raging over this trend and rockin’ the extra color like the pros.

Enjoy these new fall trends; shop smart and Earn Cash Back on your trendy purchases when you shop via DubLi.com.


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