You’re about to be a mommy. You wear maternity clothes, have seen a little peanut grow into a moving person, and soon you’ll be heading to the hospital to meet that little person who has been kicking you. It’s an incredibly exciting time, and you’ll never forget this magical experience, so make sure there’s nothing to sully the memory; try these tips during your pregnancy. Stories of partners bringing pre-pregnancy clothes into the hospital for their wife to wear home send chills down the spine. But you don’t have to worry! This is the ultimate list of everything you’ll need for the perfect hospital bag.

Birth Hospital Bag

Keep these particular items in their own bag and stash them near your front door – your water can break at any time, and you might need to rush to the hospital. Your hospital bag can be brought to you later, but these things are for the birth. If you’re scheduled for a cesarean and don’t need a ‘running out the door’ bag, you’ll still need some of these things:

  • Necessary hospital documents i.e. ID card, insurance form/card, pregnancy record.
  • Birth plan   if you have decided to have one.
  • Snacks/Drinks if you think you’il want some while you’re in labor.
  • iPod or portable speaker some people want to listen to relaxing music while in labor, just don’t forget to fully charge them, or bring a charger.
  • Book/Note Pad/Pen labor can take a long time, and if you use a pain management option then you may need to keep yourself busy while you wait.
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Camera
  • Cash bring change for car parking, vending machine snacks and phone calls. You never know what you might need.
  • Slippers
  • Drinking straws – sounds crazy, but when your hands are tied, and you’re too busy bouncing on a ball, then your birthing partner can easily keep you hydrated with a straw.

This bag will be your security blanket of sorts. If for some unforeseen reason, the hospital bag can’t be brought to you, this bag has the essentials that you need. The hospital is likely to have gowns, diapers, onesies, towels, soap, shampoo, disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, swaddle wraps, and wet wipes.

The Actual Hospital Bag

It seems obvious, but it can easily be forgotten when you’re busy buying all of the things for the bag, the car seat, the home-safety things, the crib, the toys… it can slip your mind. Trolley bags make it easy to carry heavier weights. Also take into consideration style  if you rush to the hospital and your partner brings the bag in later, he may not want to walk through the hospital with a frilly pink bag. Also, consider durability, if you have another baby, you may wish to use it again – it’s not uncommon to pack all your pregnancy things away after birth and not use them afterward. At least you will have this ready and in good condition for the next arrival), and size. Large gym bags or travel-on suitcases are a good choice.

Childbirth Checklist: What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Make your list and check it twice before you go into labor.


Hospitals often provide shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, but if you’d prefer your own brands then don’t forget these things.

  • Toiletry bag
  • Shampoo and conditioner, or dry shampoo.
  • Deodorant and body wash. Fun Tip: choose one you haven’t used before and when you leave the hospital put the bottle away and don’t use it again until your baby’s 1st birthday – the smell will take you back to your little one’s birth. The Body Shop has a beautiful collection of body wash, plus you can shop them via and Cash Back.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash.
  • Lavender Oil – Lavender is meant to be calming and soothing, take a sniff during contractions, and it can really help – as much as it can!
  • Soothing Nipple Cream, for breastfeeding mommies.
  • Breast Pads  – these will be essential once your milk comes in. Without breast pads, you’ll have wet milk patches on your shirt. Check out Pharmaca for a good price and order with for Cash Back too.
  • Maternity Pads

Things For Mommy

While your bump will be gone, you’ll still have a stomach as the skin doesn’t bounce back as soon as your baby is out (unfortunately!). It will tighten back up again, but many women still choose to wear maternity clothes just after having their baby while they readjust to not being pregnant. Loose fitting dresses will fit you no matter what size you end up. Sweatpants are a super comfortable option, and the elastic in the pants will make them flexible to wear as your weight changes.

  • Clothes – guests may be coming to see you so you might want something easy to wear that allows you to nurse comfortably. You can, however, spend the rest of the time in pajamas/hospital gowns/nightgowns/sweat pants, etc. But you’ll want one outfit to wear home.
  • Pajamas/Nightgown/Robe
  • Cardigan
  • Cotton Underwear – buy a pack of 10 and throw them out afterward. Some hospitals will provide disposable underwear.
  • Socks
  • Nursing Bras — JC Penney have a great selection online. Get yours via and get Cash Back too.
  • Shoes – some women rush out of the house without shoes on their feet because their water breaks and they go into an advanced stage of labor. If you have your Birth Bag packed as recommended above, then you’ll have slippers to wear until your bag arrives.
  • Make-up  – you may want make-up to brighten up your face for photos. Avoid the contour palette, bring just the essentials: mascara, BB cream, lip balm.
  • Hair Brush and Ties/Headbands/Clips/Pins
  • Any Vitamins you use  – some hospitals give a fiber supplement after birth if you’ve had stitches.

Baby Essentials

There’s an endless supply of adorable clothes for newborn babies. If this is your first child, then remember: newborns are tiny, soft, and their bones are not very strong yet, and some of these stylish clothes can be difficult to put on such a small and wiggly body at first. You don’t want to be in tears in the hospital with complicated baby clothes that you can’t get your baby into because you’re afraid you’ll hurt your teeny-weeny little muffin. In a month or so, you’ll be a pro at it, but the few days you’re in the hospital aren’t the days you need any extra stress.

  • Newborn Diapers
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Wet Wipes
  • Bath Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Singlets or tank tops
  • Onesies
  • Sweater
  • Socks
  • Bibs
  • Spit-up rags  
  • Bonnets or hats
  • Mittens – your baby will scratch their face all of the time as they begin to explore their new world)
  • One Nice Outfit and a blanket – for coming home in
  • Swaddle Wraps  – you may or may not decide to do this, but if you want to give it a go then don’t forget these.
The Expectant Mother’s Ultimate Hospital Essentials Checklist

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If You Intend To Pump Your Milk

Speak to your doctor, since some hospitals are restrictive when it comes to bottle-feeding as a choice rather than a necessity and you might carry it all for nothing. That is the same with pacifiers – many hospitals nowadays discourage the use of pacifiers to encourage nursing. And the more the baby nurses, the more milk is produced.

  • Pump
  • 6 Sterilized Bottles
  • Washing Cloth – disposable ones are best.

Things you may need

  • Towels/Face Towels (your hospital may provide them)
  • Plastic Bag (for dirty clothes)
  • Laptop/Book/Crossword Puzzles/Magazines

Your time in the hospital will be memorable. You’ll meet a brand new human being, see a face you’ve been longing to see for nine months, embark on a new life journey, and get your body back to yourself once more… mostly. Keep the expenses down as much as you can and start to Earn Cash Back on every mommy and baby purchase from more than 12,000 online stores through That way you can start ticking off your hospital bag checklist and have more to spend on cute baby clothes.