Every day is a special day in the life of a baby. But Christmas gives you the opportunity to bring the magic of the season into their world. And as if you weren’t busy enough with all your Christmas preparations, now there’s the added pressure of making sure it’s really special for your baby. Fret not, we’re here to make sure you’ve got the essentials covered.

Capture Every Detail

Photos last a lifetime, and a scrapbook of your baby’s first Christmas will always bring back amazing memories. Take photos of everything, from the food and decorations to your baby’s reactions and even the sky outside. One important thing to remember: use a quality camera so that bad photos don’t ruin the memory; it can be your Cash Back Christmas present to yourself via DubLi.com.

Cute Costumes

Halloween doesn’t have to be the only occasion for costumes — nothing could be cuter than dressing up your little bundle of joy as an adorable Christmas character. Oh yes, the classic Baby Rudolph, Elf or Santa costumes are available for newborns and beyond – check out the Disney Store for some irresistibly cute options! Your family and friends will treasure these pictures on social media long after December 25th passes. Our tip? Get as many photos as possible to use as ideal covers for next year’s Christmas card.

Smells Like Christmas

In the early years, you set the stage for so many pleasant memories. Scent those memories by finding a brand that sells baby-friendly perfumes or scented oils and opening it on Christmas day to put on your baby’s clothes or around the room. As soon as baby goes to sleep for the night put it away. But you can always sneak a smell later in the year; it will be as though you have that magical day back. This scent could become an essential part of your child’s memories so choose wisely. Avoid scents that are only released as a limited edition or those that are extremely common.


What Every Baby Needs for a Magical Christmas

Baby’s first Christmas is one you’ll treasure for years.

A Festive Table

Fortunately, newborns won’t need plates, bowls, cutlery or cups (less washing up for you!).

Babies on solids will love the bright colors of festive-themed tableware, and you can also get themed bottle covers for an extra Christmassy feel. If you create a color-based theme – for example, purple, green and gold – you can even use the tableware after Christmas.

Christmas Wear

It’s almost as if Christmas was created especially for babies – the clothes are so cute! Make sure you get plenty of clothes; you know that as soon as you want to go somewhere or take a nice picture, a perfectly clean outfit gets dirtied and you have to make a wardrobe change. Another baby clothing conundrum – some of the nicest clothes can be hard for first timers to put on newborns. If you choose one of these outfits, make sure you practice dressing your baby before the day (when time might be limited).

The Elf On The Shelf

Santa is busy making toys but he is sending his elves to make notes about who is being good. If you haven’t heard, The Elf on the Shelf — which you can buy at Target through DubLi.com — is your little helper to make the kids behave leading up to Christmas – genius! These mischievous little elves arrive in December, and each day they move to a different location in the house (out of reach of your child but in view; otherwise, Santa’s little helper might miss something!). And while your baby might not understand the significance of The Elf, he or she will soon recognize him as a Christmas tradition. The Elf makes for fun social media photos and plays an exciting role in a holiday-themed scrapbook.

Christmas is drawing near, don’t wait until the last minute to get everything you need for your baby’s first Christmas. You can save much more money by looking around for the best deals sooner. Then of course you can get Cash Back at all your favorite stores when you shop via DubLi.com. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the best offers.

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