You’re enjoying a fun evening with friends, sipping wine and laughing over old stories and new events. All of a sudden, you look down to discover that someone’s glass of pinot noir is now all over your new carpet. Even worse, you don’t know when it happened so it’s too late to take immediate action. Stains can be the bane of your existence, and you want to act quickly before they become permanent guests. Before you panic and call up a professional to handle the stain, try getting rid of it using the following money saving ideas for common household problems.
[title text=”An All-Natural Miracle Cure”]

shutterstock_55283035You probably use baking soda on a daily basis for baking or keeping the refrigerator smelling fresh. But baking soda can do more than create puffy pastries and a sanitary fridge. This inexpensive, natural product can clean your teeth, your bathtub and that set-in carpet stain. Simply apply a baking soda solution to the carpet and dab gently with a white cloth. You can also add baking soda and vinegar to clogged drains for easy removal without the harsh chemical effects of commercial drain cleaners.

When applied on its own or combined with lemon juice, dish detergent or distilled white vinegar, baking soda can take care of most of you household cleaning problems. Of course, you’ll need to be careful when mixing it with distilled white vinegar. The reaction of both chemicals can cause extreme foaming so it’s best to add them together slowly over the sink.
[title text=”Professional Products at Home”]

genesisIf your carpet stains refuse to come out easily with baking soda and dish detergent, and you’ve tried just about every commercial product on the shelves, then you need some industrial reinforcement. Products like brand name Genesis 950 have been used by professional carpet cleaners for decades, and they’re now available online. The best part is that this concentrate comes in a fairly hefty size so you get a lot of product without spending the money on a professional cleaner. Simply use according to directions and watch as your carpet stain almost instantly disappears. Even better, Genesis 950 is non-toxic, which means you won’t have to lock your kids and pets away when you use it.
[title text=”Recycling Everyday Items”]

Despite our best intentions, we sometimes make it home from the store without a few essentials. From dusting cloths to trash bags, everyday items can be a hassle to remember. The next time you find yourself desperately needing to dust without the convenience of a dust cloth or duster, try these tips for recycling products you probably already have on hand:

  • shutterstock_134967662Use dryer sheets as dusting cloths after they’ve been through a drying cycle. The fibers in the dryer sheets will pick up much more dust than a paper towel.
  • Trouble keeping up with your bobby pins? Use old Tic-Tac containers to store loose hair fasteners and other small pins.
  • Upcycle old coffee creamer bottles into storage containers for animal crackers and other snacks. The snap lid offers easy access while keeping snacks fresh.

You can find thousands of great crafting ideas to use old toilet paper and paper towel rolls, coffee grounds and cookie tins online using Pinterest and other sites. Once you begin recycling your everyday items into new products, you’ll start to change the way you look at certain things and save money over time.

While you’re online browsing for other money saving ideas on household items and craft supplies, check out the awesome cashback incentive program offered by DubLi. From bulk groceries to designer home decor items, you’ll find everything you need to revamp your home and take care of pesky stains while getting paid to shop. The next time you have a set-in stain or cleaning dilemma, give the above-mentioned solutions a try before calling a professional. You’ll save time and money while enjoying the sense of satisfaction that comes with solving problems on your own.

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