Winter is finally over and it’s time for some fun in the sun! Welcome Spring with these fantastic Easter Party ideas for your kids. Most of these games are best played outdoors, so you’re in luck if you have a backyard at your disposal, if not, find a sunny spot at a garden near you.

Bunny Hop

The classic bunny hop game guarantees a lot of laughs. All you need to do is to organize the participants and clearly define the start and finish line and get them to race. You can either use potato sacks or ask the kids to hold a plastic egg between their knees and hop their way to the finish line.

Eggs in A Basket

Grab a big basket and fill it up with confetti and fake grass (or real if you prefer), sprinkle a good helping of colored jelly beans or small egg shaped candy and mix well. Ask contestants to pick out as many as possible in under a minute using just one hand. Whoever finds the most wins!

Pick a Bean

Arrange two bowls and opposite ends of a table, one filled with colorful candy and the other empty. Ask kids to transfer candies to the empty bowl by only using the straw in under a minute.

Egg Decorating

You will need multiple plastic eggs, decorative stickers, washi tape, markers, googly eyes, paints, brushes, and glue. Ask kids to decorate an egg each however they wish. The most creative decorator wins.

EGGcellent Memory Game

You will need several plastic egg halves, and jelly beans (even numbers for each color). Arrange the beans in rows, alternating the colors however you want and cover with plastic egg halves. Players can now take turns flipping over 2 egg halves at a time – if the color matches, they get to eat the candy and the egg halves are removed from the game. If they don’t match, cover again and continue playing. Customize the size of playing area depending on the age group you are hosting; older kids will have more fun with a bigger area and a lot more candies to uncover.

Easter Bingo

DIY your own Easter bingo with this guide. Use tiny egg-shaped candies to mark your squares.

Egg and Spoon Relay Race

Another classic. Organize kids to perform a relay with plastic eggs placed on a spoon held in the mouth. Participants must transfer eggs to the next player in their relay team and try to reach the finish line before others. Traditionally this game is played with real (raw) eggs, but switch them out for plastic alternatives to avoid messy situations, especially if you are playing in public parks.

Guess the Number of Beans in a Jar

This option works well indoors too. Fill up a medium sized jar with multi-colored jelly beans and ask kids to guess the number of candies inside from a distance. Guesses closest to the actual number wins.

Egg Toss

The aim is to have two players standing across from each other to toss plastic eggs filled with jelly beans without dropping them.

Chubby Bunny Challenge

This has been an internet fad but makes for an entertaining Easter game. Provide a bowl of tiny marshmallows and ask kids to stuff their mouth in increments of one. Keep a track of the marshmallows popped in, after each new intake, ask the kids to say “Chubby Bunny”. Once they reach a point where they can’t say the phrase anymore, ask them to stop. The participant with the most marshmallows stuffed in the mouth wins.

All these fun games are sure to make the kids hungry. Try this fun colorful deviled eggs recipe to take your party snacks to the next level! Buy party supplies to make your event colorful and fun via DubLi and earn Cash Back on every purchase.

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