[title text=”Whoo-Hoo – We’re Turning 12!”]

Here at DubLi we are thrilled to announce that we, along with our sister company DubLi Network, are celebrating our 12 year anniversary this month!!! Twelve, the big 1-2, doce, douze, twaalf, one dozen! Let’s bring out the cake, light the candles and get this party started as we’re thrilled to share this huge milestone with you!

12 years ago, that takes us back to 2003 friends! What exactly was going on, in what seems like FOR-EV-ER ago? Well 12 years ago this month Serena Williams was beating Venus at the 110th Wimbledon, the last old-school version of the VW Beetle was ceremoniously rolling off the assembly line, the International Olympic Committee was announcing Vancouver as the host for the 2010 Winter Games and DubLi was just a wee little thing back in our infancy!

Since our establishment in July 2003, DubLi has become an integral part of the ecommerce marketplace – today representing a network of Cashback opportunities, consumer deals and business services in 120 countries on its worldwide online shopping mall.

[title text=”Ever Wonder How DubLi Got Started?”]

DubLi was founded by Danish creative mastermind and entrepreneur Michael Hansen, a former LEGO engineer. We began as an online auction platform, but Michael saw a much more scalable and exciting opportunity in delivering Cashback to consumers worldwide for the products and services they already buy online everyday. In February 2011, we transitioned into a global ecommerce platform, positioning us as an international leader and transformed DubLi into who we are today.

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“This anniversary marks 12 years of providing different ecommerce opportunities in professional, vibrant and cutting edge shopping formats for which DubLi is now a world leader.” Michael Hansen, Founder & Director, DubLi, Inc.

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As a DubLi member, you have access to world-known brands and can earn back a percentage of the money spent on everyday online purchases. Stack Cashback earning with awesome deals and coupons, and that’s how DubLi prides itself on helping you save both time and money!

We want to take this moment to turn the attention onto you, our awesome members. Thank you for being an integral component of the success we’ve seen these past dozen years. We look forward to continuing to serve you and delivering the best deals, coupons and Cashback savings the web has to offer!

Onward to another 12 incredible years and beyond!


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