These days, DIY projects have become the norm, with people offering tutorials online for everything from building your own coffee tables to designing a new studio. While you should always consult with a professional for projects involving electrical wiring and construction issues, you can handle most crafting projects and other home decor jobs with proper instruction and some creativity. If you’re itching to get started on some great craft projects this fall, then check out the following ideas for creating keepsakes on a budget.
[title text=”Home Decor Projects”]

You can make everything from window treatments to storage bins with a bit of ingenuity and effort. Does making your own home decor items really save you money? Here are some tips on saving your cash and updating your home decor at the same time:

  • shutterstock_142157932Recycle old furniture pieces by re-upholstering them or refinishing wooden pieces. Buying paint and fabric online will save you time and money.
  • Use excess wallpaper strips from previous projects to line the backs of your bookshelves. You’ll add a fun new style while using up excess supplies.
  • Fill up excess vases and bowls with homemade potpourri. Combine store-bought scented chips and your favorite spices to make beautiful personalized fragrances to stash around your home.
  • Create your own blankets and throw pillows using the no-sew, knot-tying technique. Simply line up fleece, cut strips along the sides and tie the strips together to form a fringe. You can find easy instructional guides on YouTube.

Using online pinboards and other forums, you can find how-tips to create just about anything for use in your home. When shopping in store or online for fabrics and other supplies, check out the clearance or remnant bins. Many craft retailers offer discounts on perfectly good fabrics because they were scrapped at the end of a roll.
[title text=”Kid-Friendly Crafts”]

shutterstock_86662345Long gone are the days of macaroni picture frames and personalized plastic coffee mugs. Kids’ craft projects have evolved, but that doesn’t mean you have to go high-tech to create unique and children-friendly projects. Looking for some updated crafts you can do with the kids? Try these:
• Cardboard cutouts for their rooms
• Personalized felt covers for handheld electronics
• Sparkling wall decor made from old CDs and stick-on plastic gems
• Baking and cooking healthy, kid-appropriate snacks for after school

Kids like to get involved and get their hands dirty. Teaching them the basics of sewing, cooking and construction can help them develop both their mental prowess and their dexterity. Plus, you’ll get the chance to bond while making fun and unique items.
[title text=”Holiday Gift Ideas”]

shutterstock_140890672Whether you’re on a tight budget or just don’t know what to get your sister’s new husband for Christmas, creating homemade gifts offers you the chance to show off your skills while giving a truly treasured gift. Homemade candles, soap and scarves make excellent universal gifts. For office coworkers or the mail carrier, create a customized gift basket full of homemade treats and candy. You can find everything you need to stick with your budget and create beautiful homemade holiday gifts by shopping online.

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You don’t have to be a craft guru to create beautiful home decor items and special gifts for those you love. Spend some time developing your crafty side, and you’ll see the rewards before you know it. Shopping online for your craft supplies will save you hundreds of dollars, hours of time and lots of energy. You can browse through your favorite hobby stores online using DubLi’s interactive shopping mall portal. Sign up for an awesome cashback program to start earning rewards on everything you need to create treasured keepsakes for years to come.

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