Saw it. Wanted it. Added it. Got it. We love you, Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday 2017 falls on November 27; the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. E-shoppers workout their clicking finger all year, training for this marathon of online discounts, savings, and Cash Back. Electronics are what Cyber Monday is all about, and the electronics that e-shoppers have been waiting for will soon be available with incredible deals. Ready to show your fingers what they’ve been training to purchase?

1. Smartphones and Smartphone Accessories

Smart electronics get better every year as technology shatters astronomical borders. This year, you’ve seen the latest and greatest releases break new ground in charging abilities, camera quality, Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, and software & app developments. Android or Apple? There’s no definitive answer as to which is the best; only ‘which is the best for each user’s specific needs’. To determine which is perfect for you, consider:

  • Connectability: Do you currently have an Android and will need to transfer data, making Android-to-Android the easier option? Is your home automated and managed by Apple Home? If so, your device will need to speak the Apple language to communicate.
  • Hardware: Device management chips (i.e., do you require a device that can run 20 apps at the same time without lagging or freezing?), screen durability, water resistance, size, weight, design, texture, multiple cameras.
  • Software: Does the operating system allow you to run the apps you need? Do you require the more advanced accessibility options, such as zoom, word-to-text, text reader, etc.?

Once you decide what you need and how high your expectations are for each of these requirements, you can then decide which device meets and beats your needs.

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2. Tablets and Laptops

‘Mobile first’ may be the new e-theme, but bigger devices will never go out. Our “big” digital devices are an electronic staple because of their hardcore storage capacity, advanced software, HD graphics, and a stack of other user-tailored features. Laptops Mirroring Tablets Mirroring Laptops Tablets are more than non-cellular smartphones (although they can also have the cellular function if you want). Their processing power has improved, and new tablets such as Apple iPad Pro 2017 can substitute your laptop if you add a keyboard stand, speakers, and iOS compatible office software. Upgrade to perfection by selecting the exact device for your unique needs.   

3. Camera

Our smartphone cameras snap it all, wherever and whenever. But sometimes we want to level up, maybe capture every grain of sand in your winter getaway photo album. To do that, we upgrade our hardware to something designed purely for photos. The Best Camera For You Is The… digital camera. Digital cameras are smart cameras, which means they connect to the Internet, enabling wireless sharing and transfers. A good quality camera, such as a Nikon, can take photos with an extremely high definition that the creative photographer can later team with premium art and design software to create brilliant photos.

4. Smart Home Anything  

“Good morning, Mr.J”. It’s like living in the Jetsons’ world. Modern homes are as automated as they can be and everyone’s purchasing smart home management systems to control all of their gadgets for them. How Many Things Can Be Automated? The central device powering all of your other smart home devices is your router, so a high-quality router and a wifi extension box should ensure your smart devices get all the power they need. Other than a high-quality router, many people with automated homes are purchasing:

  • Smarthome Management Systems
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Lightbulbs
  • Smart Connector Boxes
  • Smart Kitchen Appliances
  • Smart TV, Stereo, Apple or Android Box

With these select smart appliances, your automated home will be running like clockwork in no time.

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5. Smartwatches

Some things truly ooze cool – becoming the epitome of style. Watches are so in at the moment. And smartwatches add the much relied on connectivity to your ultra-stylish timepiece.

Here are two models, an Apple and an Android, to begin your search with:

  • Apple Watch Series 3  – Display: 1.53″ OLED | Processor: S2 dual-core | Storage: 8GB or 16GB | Battery: 18 hours | Compatibility: iOS | Charging: Wireless.
  • Samsung Gear S3 – Display: 1.3″ Super AMOLED | Processor: Dual Core 1.0GHZ | Storage: 4GB | Battery: 3 days | Compatibility: Android and iOS | Charging: Wireless.

Why get a smartwatch? Smartwear is more gadget than Jetson, but they will make life that much more streamlined because they sync with everything. You can put all handheld devices to the side while you exercise, design, write, bake, or even do your hair. If an alert must be seen, a call must be answered, or a setting must be changed, the power to do so is wrapped stylishly around your wrist.

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Cyber Monday cannot arrive soon enough. There are ways to save and earn every time you shop online, you simply have to know how, and you can make every day a Cyber Monday!


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