By: Kaylin Meyer

Have you noticed the recent flurry of color, stacked and flourished with more color? We’re talking about the rich, lush jungle of kaleidoscopic colors dousing our accessories and street style fashions. Let’s be honest; these saturated tints and vibrant tones aren’t going anywhere. And guess what? We’re all about hue.

Here’s the good news: We’re here to help you play up your style brilliantly with arresting pops of color, offering fabulous tips and tricks!

Relishing in all colors of the rainbow…here are the seven fundamental colors for your summer street style…

[title text=”Red”]

Since we all know that red is the most romantic hue in the spectrum, you should take our advice to inspire daily romance with this first-class pair of Aisle Be Waiting Red Patent Pointed Pumps ($34.00) from Lulu’s (4.6%/10.6% Cashback). They’ll never go out of style and you’ll always be putting your most fashionable foot forward.

Try mixing these daring red heels in with everyday street style! Pair them with your boyfriend denims and a basic tee or try olive pants, a striped blazer and a foxy black top. Go the simplistic, classic route or make it super classy; it’s your choice. And either way, you will be stylistically #winning. Get down with your bold self.

Aisle Be Waiting Red Patent Pointed Pumps, Photo by Lulu’s

Aisle Be Waiting Red Patent Pointed Pumps, Photo by Lulu’s

[title text=”Orange”]

It’s all about the wonderful details. Combine hints of sandy beaches with oceanic notes, a true summer-inspired look. Much like this orangey-coral Colorblocked Seed Bead Necklace ($44.90), Striped Cargo Jacket ($108.00) and Lined Drawstring Shorts ($49.50) from LOFT. Talk about a vibrant, statement-making and absolutely adorable ensemble. Get the look and score up to 9.2% Cashback from LOFT!

Colorblocked Seed Bead Necklace | Striped Cargo Jacket | Lined Drawstring Shorts, Photos by Loft

Colorblocked Seed Bead Necklace | Striped Cargo Jacket | Lined Drawstring Shorts, Photos by Loft

[title text=”Yellow”]

Some women don’t think yellow is their (wearable) color, which is totally understandable. But eliminating it entirely from your fashion accessory arsenal? Now that’s unacceptable. Subtly using hints of yellow in accessories like clutches and oversized bags is nothing short of fabulous. Upgrade your basic bags with pops of yellow and rock it with any summer outfit.

Stylist Bonus Tip: To make those show-stopping color connections, stylize your look with complimentary hues like purples or blues! Try the ‘Collins’ Woven Tote ($115.00) from Nordstrom (up to 9.2% Cashback), it’s truly the perfect bag for any season.

Mar y Sol 'Collins' Woven Tote, Photo by Nordstrom

Mar y Sol ‘Collins’ Woven Tote, Photo by Nordstrom

[title text=”Green”]

Oh, green, how earthy and tastefully alluring you are. You are rejuvenating and interesting in all of your shades and, well, we like you. Back to you, reader. Saturate yourself, your arms and fingers, with lovely green hues from Free People (3.2%/9.2% Cashback), and we promise, your dreamy wanderlust outfit awaits.

Photos by Free People

Photos by Free People

A. Embossed Plate Cuff, $48.00 from Free People

B. Tattered Up Shred Slip, $88.00 from Free People

C. Wire Wrapped Stone Cuff, $178.00 from Free People

D. Thick Bar Ring Set, $28.00 from Free People

[title text=”Aqua”]

We don’t know if you heard, but saturated jewels are just what the doctor ordered. They’re simply gorgeous; do you dare to be beautiful? If so, color yourself in fabulous with these Fantastical Mint Green and Pearl Earrings ($11.00) and a Teal Rhinestone Bracelet  ($13.00) from LuLu’s (up to 10.6% Cashback) – you’ll look absolutely stunning!

Pair with a Baez Blue Chambray Maxi Skirt ($49.00) and Burnout and About Ivory Burnout Tee ($28.00), and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Photos by Lulu’s

Photos by LuLu’s

[title text=”Indigo”]

Indigo symbolizes peaceful tranquility and lets your calm, cool spirit radiate. Who doesn’t want that? Try this multi-indigo colored Carla Scarf ($59.90) from Banana Republic (up to 8.6% Cashback) with just about any outfit.

Stylist Layering Secret: Grab a cool white tee, toss on a chambray button-up (button only a few of the bottom buttons), layer on a black kimono, stylishly tie your Carla Scarf and pair with your fave skinny black leggings. This ensemble probably sounds like a lot, but that’s because it’s full of incredible abundance. Seriously, rock an outfit like this and you’ll be the best-dressed gal anywhere, winning street style points all day long.

Carla Scarf, Photo by Banana Republic

Carla Scarf, Photo by Banana Republic

[title text=”Lavender”]

The color of royalty, well, it’s at least in the same color family. Lavender this, lavender that, try a little lavender everywhere! It’s purely feminine and fabulous. Our favorite is this Stone Bracelet ($38.00) from Nordstrom (3.2%/9.2% Cashback) – seriously, talk about prime arm candy! Layer a few of these together and you’re good to go.

Oh, and this Lavender Floral Print Blazer ($64.00) from LuLu’s (4.6% / 10.6% Cashback) rocked with this lavender Little America Backpack from Nordstrom (3.2%/9.2% Cashback) – ummmm yes, please!

Photos by Nordstrom and LuLu’s

Photos by Nordstrom and LuLu’s


Wearing color reflects how you perceive the world, showing off your natural femininity; ladies, that’s a fashion must. And, in all actuality, it’s the jazzy details in your daily accessories that truly allow you to make rare color connections while exquisitely rocking those lively hues.

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