Admit it, ladies, you have more clothes in your closet than you actually wear. You keep them around, collecting dust for some future occasion that never seems to happen. Make your life easier with stylish outfits that you can wear for both work and a night out with the ladies or a special someone. These six closet staples will save you money in the long-run and help you declutter your closet so you can make room for other things that you love, like shoes!



Cardigans sometimes look too relaxed, and jackets are often too bulky, so blazers are your go-to item. They are the perfect accessory for layering adding a chic, professional touch, not limited to an office setting. The options are endless with blazers as you can pair them with any look to add a dose of elegance. Paired with jeans and a plain shirt, blazers infuse a touch of class to a casual look. You can also pair them with a crop top and pencil skirt for a flirty, fun ensemble.

Pencil Skirt

On the subject of pencil skirts, this item was made for the office with its appropriate length and professional cut. Paired with a collared shirt, it is a classic outfit for the workplace. But if you plan to hit the town with the ladies at night, exchange your collared shirt for a fitted blouse, and you’ll have the night agreeing with you.


Little Black Dress

Every woman must have a fitted black dress in their closet. It is a synonymous symbol of elegance and the perfect option for a prestigious event. They are often plain with little detail but that does not falter the exquisiteness, it adds on to every woman. A well-fitted LBD suits the office when paired with a blazer or cardigan. Then, with little effort and without the cover-up, you can look evening ready in a matter of seconds with your little black dress.


Track Pants

No need to stray away from these sporty pants. They have made a fashionable transformation with a mighty feminine touch, and we are praising the people who thought it was a good idea to make gym clothes work-appropriate. But don’t go running to the office with these pants just yet. The key to making these work are the accessories you use to elevate them. Pair them with pumps to lift the pants into a dressy look. You can wear a casual shirt, a statement necklace over it and top it off with a blazer. This chic look suits both the office and evening outings and not just casual Fridays. Check out these six ways to up your weekend style for more inspiration.



Jumpsuits are too stylish not to want to wear everywhere. They can be casual, flowy, summery, posh and glamorous. Pick a solid colored jumpsuit for work. Pair them with ballerina slippers and a blazer, and you’ve got yourself a professional look. At night, switch out the slippers for heels and add some sparkle with a statement necklace. From class to sass in no time.


Black Pumps

Like the little black dress, black pumps are also a must for every woman’s wardrobe. They pair perfectly with just about everything in your closet. They are professional enough for work and don’t even bother changing them when you hit the town. You can switch your work pants to jeans, and you’re ready to go.

These tips will make your life easier and save you time rummaging through your closet when you have snazzy rendezvous after work. Get everything you need from your favorite when you shop via, with over 12,000 stores to choose from, plus earn Cash Back on your spendings!

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