There are two types of people, those who start thinking of their Halloween costume on November 1st and those who start on October 28th. The spookiest day of the year is just around the corner, and if you’re like the majority of the people without a costume, it’s not too late! There are many directions you can take your costume for that glam and gore party you need to attend. Whether you are a group of girlfriends or a new couple celebrating their first Halloween together, we’ve got you covered with this list of easy costume ideas. It’s even better when shopping online because of the great savings you can get via

1. Couples Costume

If you’re able to rope your significant other into a couples costume, lucky you! There are endless directions to go with this type of costume so have no fear, we’re here to help. When you have a partner, your costume options open up by a lot. You could go as Cher by yourself which would be good, but it only gets better if you get your partner to go as Sonny. Whether you imitate a real-life couple (Chrissy Teigen and John Legend) or a fictional one (Kermit & Miss Piggy, Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen) just remember to have fun with it. When brainstorming the perfect costume, you don’t even have to go for characters or a romantic couple. Maybe go topical like as avocado & toast or Netflix & chill, get creative.

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2. Family Costume

They say the best part of having little kids is dressing them up how you want to dress them! Beyoncé and her fam have done this several years in a row and now you can too. If you have little ones, getting costumes for them (and yourself) is easy when shopping via because you can save big,  and earn Cash Back which could go towards the things your family needs. With family costumes, you can go as other famous families like the Addams Family, or as a group where the little ones can dress as their favorite movie characters, Moana maybe?

3. Topical Costume

In 2016 everybody dressed up as Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad or Eleven from Stranger Things, and this year they’re taking it to the next level with an even more terrifying movie character, Pennywise from IT. If you’re looking for a topical costume, look no further than the past six months. What have been the biggest news events that can be turned into a relevant costume? Maybe it’s a politician that you love/hate, a meme that’s gone viral or maybe this year’s hottest toy, the fidget spinner, there are many places to take inspiration from.

4. Punny Costume

What’s better than a good pun? If you’re creative when it comes to thinking outside the box or want to go for an ice-breaker costume, try doing something punny. Dress as a pig and wrap yourself in a blanket to be a pig in a blanket (get it?), or just write “BOOK” on your face to become Facebook. The good thing with a punny costume is that it can be done big or be easy for the lazy. If you have a baby carrier laying around, you can put it on, and put a bag of sugar in it to be a “Sugar Mama”…ha…ha….ha…..the options are endless.

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5. Group Costume

Is your #squad down for a group costume? If not, we have some ideas that will get them on board for a killer idea that’s going to make memories for the ages. In pop culture, there are many things to turn into a group costume whether you’re imitating characters or inanimate objects, follow us on this one. From the Stranger Things Crew to the kids in IT or the Powerpuff Girls, there are a lot of popular groups you can try out. There have been plenty of groups that have dressed up as their favorite items so you can also dress up as different colored crayons.

6. Lazy Costume

If you’re one of those people who hates Halloween and doesn’t start to think of a costume until 30 minutes before a party because your friend pressured you into dressing up, you’re not alone. The lazy costume is for those who either lack creativity, time, or they just love the rush of uncertainty that comes with last minute decisions. A good lazy costume could be a onesie, hey it’s already set for you, just put it on. You could go as your evil twin, just draw on a mustache, put on some fake glasses and a nametag with your made-up name for extra effect. Or you could be Tom Cruise in Risky Business if you don’t mind walking around in a white dress shirt, tighty whiteys and some socks, it’s minimum effort but high risk. With the lazy costume, whatever items you have around will help you out, so even if you forget it’s Halloween, know that you can always find a way to dress up as something or someone.


This Halloween, picking out a costume doesn’t have to be a scary experience! This is the one time a year to go for it, but it’s also a chance to save on your Halloween necessities. Whether you’re going to DIY it or go for something more traditional, shopping online with Cash Back, free shipping offers and promo codes is the way to go with Earn Cash Back and get great savings options so that your costume scares others and not your bank account!

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