If you live in a cold climate, you might start counting the days until spring once December rolls around. But believe it or not, there are some places in the world where it’s always warm and sunny. If you’re looking to get out of the cold this winter, then check out these sunny escapes from winter’s chill, and shop through DubLi.com to earn Cash Back on every booking!


Winter is the best time to visit this fabulous oasis in the Arabian Desert. High temperatures peak at around 80, with low temps at a crisp low 60s and upper 50s, and you’ll be greeted with perfect beach weather. Dubai matches the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas without the over-the-top debauchery. You’ll experience luxury shopping, fine dining and an incredibly nuanced cultural climate. During the winter months, the city sees blue skies and primo beach weather.

And if you just need to get your winter fix in a warm climate — where else can you find an indoor ski resort in a mall? Ski Dubai inside the Mall of the Emirates features five “snowy” slopes that cover an area equivalent to three football fields.

Check Out These Sunny Escapes from Winter's Chill

Chances are, you’ll be greeted with brilliant sunshine whenever you visit Dubai.

Saint Lucia

You don’t have to trek all the way to Bora Bora in the remote South Pacific to experience the ultimate in island luxury on a winter escapade. Though winter is the high season in Saint Lucia — with prices to match — the incredibly pleasant weather won’t disappoint.

Picturesque Saint Lucia is nestled in the eastern Caribbean on the boundary of the Atlantic Ocean, and the place to go is near the town of Soufrière on the Southwest Coast.

Explore stunning views of St. Lucia’s incredible signature mountains, the Gros and Petit Pitons, when you book at incredible hotels like Jade Mountain Resort, an architectural marvel that features stunning infinity pools in your room. Ladera, Anse Chastanet and Sugar Beach are three more great resorts in the area that provide luxurious solitude, along with access to incredible beaches and a variety of water sports.

Check Out These Sunny Escapes from Winter's Chill

Jalousie Beach offers an incredible view of Saint Lucia’s famed Gros Piton.


Situated in the Atlantic Ocean several hundred miles north of the Caribbean, Bermuda is closer to the U.S. East Coast than most Caribbean islands, with shorter flight times to match. The island’s higher latitude means cooler temperatures during the winter months herald the off season, with fewer crowds and lower prices. If you don’t mind cold ocean water and wearing a light sweater at night, then Bermuda is the perfect winter getaway.

Restaurants and bars compete for customers by offering incredible deals during the slow season. All the top attractions on the island remain open, including the amazing Crystal & Fantasy Caves, the Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ), and the National Museum of Bermuda.

Check Out These Sunny Escapes from Winter's Chill

The water might be too cold for swimming in winter, but Horseshoe Bay Beach offers stunning sights all year.


Winter is the perfect time to visit Cyprus if you couldn’t care less about the rowdy party scene and dance club vibe that exists in the summer.

As the Mediterranean’s warmest island — with 340 days of sunshine — Cyprus will still boast relatively mild January and February temperatures to help you enjoy the leisurely pace that the offseason customarily offers. Without as many tourists, you’re free to unhurriedly stroll about and mingle with friendly locals at coffee shops and restaurants.

One of the island’s most mesmerizing attractions is the Kato Pafos  (“Old Paphos”) archaeological park. This sprawling area of ruined temples, homes and municipal buildings was once the city’s heart and today it is a fascinating place to explore.

Check Out These Sunny Escapes from Winter's Chill

Gorgeous blue lagoons are just one of the captivating features you’ll fall in love with in Cyprus.


The French island of Martinique has long been a favorite destination for Europeans and Canadians, but Americans should be warming to the idyllic Caribbean nation that retains much of its European charm.

Martinique offers more than just beautiful beaches and warm winter weather; the history, culture, cuisine and stunning landscapes provide an eclectic experience to the visitor. Le Diamant Beach makes for one of the most captivating vistas in the Caribbean, with rolling waves roaring in against the backdrop of the lush green hills known as the “sleeping woman.”

Check Out These Sunny Escapes from Winter's Chill

Martinique’s captivating landscape features mountains and volcanoes, lush rainforests, and gorgeous beaches.

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