In England, Canada and Australia — among other places — it’s called Boxing Day. In the U.S., it’s just the day after Christmas, but it still means big sales that rival Black Friday’s fantastic deals!

The sun has set on Christmas 2016, so let the sale shopping commence! It’s time to look at what Santa got you and make a list of what you still need as you prepare for 2017. So to save you precious time we’ve scoured’s 12,000+ stores to discover what really are the must-buys for this year’s post-Christmas sales!

For the Girls:

Let’s face it, most of us ladies are pretty good at shopping. In fact it’s nearly always possible to shop for something we “really need”. The top of our ‘to snap up list’ goes to:

Jackets: Your jacket is going to keep you warm all winter, and this normally expensive closet essential can be found for a fraction of the price in the post-Christmas sales. Check out SheIn and Macy’s for style matched by incredible prices. And for those of you wanting to splurge on a classic, Shopbop and Ted Baker should be on your sale hit list. With the fantastic bargains, you can get yourself a day, evening, long, and even a short jacket without breaking the bank.

Boots: Boots are an essential for the next few months. Get your pair during the after-Christmas sales and you will have time to break them in before New Year’s Eve or your 2017 return to work. Boots, boots, boots.

Handbags: Use some of your Christmas money to treat yourself to a new handbag. Check out Saks Fifth Avenue to see 2017 in, in style.

Underwear: Being comfortable, being sexy, getting physical – a gal needs a lot of underwear! You’re in them 24-7, they’re the closest thing to your body at all times, and they also play a crucial role in instantly shaping your body. Get the collection you deserve at a time when deals abound. Try Bloomingdale’s for an unrivalled collection and amazing offers; Urban Outfitters also boasts a nice selection.

Pajamas: A woman wants options. She wants the option to go out or to stay in. And when she chooses to stay in, she will do so properly. PJ-rama.

Beauty Essentials: Want to slow the aging process? Stop dry skin? Contour your face with the newest kit? Whatever you want, now is the time to buy it. All you need is a few beauty bits and pieces and a reduced after-Christmas price. Browse for beauty favorites here.

Perfume: Whether you want to turn heads or you simply love the smell, your perfume can take your mood from dim to sparkling. And thanks to the holiday sales, you can change your mood as frequently as you desire without worrying too much about the cost. Check out for the ultimate collection.

Take Advantage of the Post-Christmas Sales!

After-Christmas sales are the best way to get great deals on winter clothes.

For the Boys:

Freshen up your style for 2017; it’s the perfect time of year to experiment, when the sales are amazing. So here’s 6 ways you can spice up your look for the new year without breaking the bank.

Hats: Adding a hat can always elevate your look to new levels – it adds a sense of refinement and also conveys an air of confidence. After all, not everyone can pull off a hat! The after-Christmas sales are the perfect time to look if you don’t want to splurge on a piece that you might not wear every day.

Shoes: This is a great excuse to get some new kicks! After all, you will always have feet and you won’t grow out of them – 2 rock solid reasons a new pair should be on your list, especially when you can probably get 2 pairs for the price of one! Whether you want an extra pair for the office, or you’ve had your eye on a new style for a while, here’s where to shop for them.

Socks: But seriously, when does a man not need more socks? Check out Timberland!

New clothes: Whether you want a new denim shirt, some comfy tracksuit bottoms or a new jacket, now is the time to buy.

Jeans: Clearly, jeans are a mandatory wardrobe staple. And because good jeans have a long lifespan, you’ll be able to brag about the great sale price you got yours for, for years. Get yourself a quality pair or two for the price of your standard style: try Hudson Jeans, Levi’s and Bloomingdales.

Wallets: Having a quality wallet is a must. You use it every day and a decent leather cardholder or wallet can last for years. Treat yourself to something chic in the sale and shop via to get Cash Back to go in your new wallet.

Cologne: Your scent will speak for you. One scent means you’re working, another means you’re playing. Use the post-Christmas sales to bolster your collection and let the world know what’s up with you.

Sales are beautiful things, especially after the holiday spendfest that many of us engage in. It means you get what you want without giving away too much of what you love (your cash!). offers Cash Back for every purchase you make, so you get to enjoy discounted prices and earn Cash Back on the back end. Find out about cash saving deals by subscribing for free to the Newsletter. Happy shopping!


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