Who doesn’t love a great fashion or gossip read? In our e-world, you might think that the most vital thing we have is wifi. But there’s something a whole lot more vital than that, and it’s responsible for everything you’re doing, thinking, and planning to do; your brain. The health of your most complex and crucial organ is always something you should prioritize. While the brain constantly changes throughout our lives, it’s important to do everything in our power to make sure it stays in the best shape it can.

1. Get pumped

Can exercise change your brain? Neurologist, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, has dedicated her life to proving that exercise improves cognitive performance. Her tests showed significant improvement in coding new long-term memories. Alongside cognitive improvement is the increase in blood flow through the body and to the lungs, where oxygen is dissolved and transported to the brain, where oxygen is used for cell function. Regular exercise is essential. 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day can help you pump up your brain!

Did you know that what you wear can motivate you to get moving? Use these 7 Fitness-Fashion Upgrade Tips to get you motivated

2. Eat up

What goes in is what comes out, and it comes out in your strength, alertness, energy, memory… it comes out in everything you do. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can have negative effects on your body, such as weakness from low iron. Your brain is like the rest of your body, it needs essential vitamins and minerals. A plate of colorful vegetables and seafood will benefit your brain. These Superfoods contain everything your brain needs to get operating.

3. Be the expert on all things YOU

We go to the doctor to find out if we’re sick or not, but it’s also up to us. Every adult should know their body well enough to know when they’re sick, what causes them to be unwell, and how to manage it to prevent worsening. It seems straightforward, but many people aren’t aware of basic information about their body. Your brain is a very complex organ that controls your entire body, what and how you receive information, and many other things that make you, YOU. When you haven’t trained it or given it the information it needs, it cannot always do what you need it to. Get started today!


To support your brain, find out your blood pressure. High blood pressure levels can result in fatigue and dizziness, both of which are results of blood not flowing as it should to the brain. If you’re aware of how to manage high blood pressure, it means you’ve trained your brain, and now you’ll be able to help care for yourself. Brainpower rules!

4. Social activities and connections

In Kindergarten, children spend a majority of time playing, making friends, going on field trips, talking about their family, and getting messy. This is not because they are too young to know how to read and write, this learning is referred to as Cognitive Learning. Cognitive Learning is when your brain is trained by experience. For example, if the drive to your relative’s house is difficult, but you always get to see an old friend when you arrive, your brain has been trained to keep going because the result is good. The more experiences you have, the more associations your brain makes, keeping it active. On top of that, experiences feed your brain by giving it data to store and sort, such as your bestie’s new hair color, the directions to the beach, and knowledge that you should always wear shoes on that beach as there are pebbles. Work your brain out by living. Called your friend for a meet-up? Wear something super chic and make the association one you’ll definitely want to recreate.

5. Learn something new

Experience may give your brain the ultimate workout, but education shapes and strengthens the muscle. Habits are loved by the brain because they are securities. When your brain knows what to expect, your brain is comfortable and in control. Education offers your brain the security associated with habit and further sharpens it. Broadening your knowledge will introduce new concepts to your mind which your brain will then utilize other abilities and knowledge to understand. It doesn’t have to be bookish education; it can be learning to play an instrument. In fact, many studies have shown the neurological effects of sound, particularly piano music, is positive on the brain. Can you feel the beat? Start making it. Get your instrument today and earn Cash Back for your purchase made via dubli.com.

6. Sleep

Running your body is a 24/7 job, your brain is always at work. But while you’re sleeping, the rest of your body gets to rejuvenate, giving your brain stronger tools to work with. Did you know? Neuroscientists of today, such as Jeff Iliff, have found that it is when you sleep that your brain clears itself of ‘unnecessary clutter,’ and that ‘clutter’ is a waste, such as amyloid beta, from cell use and transport. What a complex organ your brain is!


Habits become second nature once you’ve implemented them into your life. Make these seven habits as routine as brushing your hair, washing your face, or logging onto your number one online shopping site, Dubli.com, and enjoy the rewards of a mentally-strong life.



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