By: Kaylin Meyer

Let’s get real: when you travel, you end up spending a lot of money and buying lots of things. Our suggestion: read up on these awesome travel hacks (saving you a little extra room in the suitcase for those aforementioned souvenirs) and shop through to save even more money on your travels!

[title text=”Fold and Roll”]

Just like the bend and snap, the fold and roll works every time!

But seriously, leave your tops perfectly folded, then roll. It’s that simple. The point of the fold and roll is to maximize space by keeping your clothing items as neat and even as possible. For jeans or other bottoms, fold in half, then roll. By rolling your clothes, you will inherit ample suitcase space, giving you extra room for new purchases picked up on your travels. And if you don’t believe rolling your clothes saves space – you’re just cray!

[title text=”Mix and Match”]

If you’re anything like me, it’s finally time to quit overpacking! Instead, bring a few tops that pair nicely with a variety of bottoms, and vice versa. Taking a little extra time to plan out your ‘fits will give you more variety during your vacation. For an example, leather leggings are great for dressing up or dressing down. You can throw on a gray t-shirt with a cute necklace, add some stylish flats and boom, there’s outfit number one. Outfit two, pair the leggings with some foxy heels and an adorable blouse. Outfit three, try a rendition of outfit one, but swap out a scarf for the necklace and throw on a denim button up or cute and cozy cardi! And there you have it – three stylish outfits without batting an eye!

Pro Packing Tip: For more diversity, make sure your accessories are in a variety of colors. This will help diversify your mixing and matching portfolio.

Mix and match your outfits for more diversity, Photos by Banana Republic and Nordstrom

Mix and match your outfits for more diversity, Photos by Banana Republic and Nordstrom

From left to right:

Sloan-Fit Faux-Leather Front Legging, $110.00 from Banana Republic (2.6% / 8.6% Cashback).

‘Crystal Fontainebleau’ Bib Necklace, $68.00 from Nordstrom (4% / 10% Cashback).

Herringbone Sleeveless Tunic, $79.50 from Banana Republic (2.6% / 8.6% Cashback).

’Elena’ Leather Platform Sandal, $149.95 from Nordstrom (4% / 10% Cashback).

Embroidered Kimono, $130.00 from Nordstrom (4% / 10% Cashback).

Floral Print Silk Square Scarf, $85.00 from Nordstrom (4% / 10% Cashback).

‘Hola’ Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal, $114.95 from Nordstrom (4% / 10% Cashback).

[title text=”Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”]

First up: prescription bottles. Once you take off the labels, you have perfectly good, reusable bottles that are great for so many purposes. Use them to pack Band-Aids, bobby pins, hair ties and earrings! Thank you Pinterest for your wealth of DIY tips!

Next up: eyeglass cases. While we wait on a cordless world – we have just the solution for you and your cords (at least, while you’re traveling). Put your headphones and phone and tablet chargers in a glasses case to help you stay organized. Chances are you are going to be wearing your glasses while you travel anyways, so you might as well make use of the free space in your case.

[title text=”All We See is Dollar Signs”]

And for the best travel hack of them all. When shopping for your next trip or vacation, shop websites like Expedia so you can compare deals and be savvy enough to get the steals. But for the real bonus, when you shop Expedia through, you’ll also earn Cashback for your flight, hotel and other travel-related purchases. Not only did you just get the best deal, but you just earned Cashback for traveling smart.

[title text=”And Just for Laughs”]

In case you’re looking to continue your packing-hack education, BuzzFeed did a pretty awesome job (minus one that didn’t work out too well…)

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