If you want a little more adventure in your life or you simply have the desire to travel, a backpacking trip around Europe is calling your name! Many young adults from all over the globe see Europe as a rite of passage as they gain a unique insight into the world around them. Friendships are made, and unforgettable memories are forged. With so many spectacular destinations to visit, narrowing down which ones you want to explore might be the hardest part. Here are some travel tips as you formulate your plan and discover how backpacking through Europe just became affordable.

Picking your Season

Fall trips to Europe are a great way to avoid the intense heat that permeates much of the continent during the summer. A great reason to take a fall trip is that you can often avoid the crowds of summer, when many people plan their vacations. If you already have fall travel plans or you simply would enjoy another time of year, do not hesitate to book the trip in the season that fits your schedule! Though Europe is beautiful throughout the entire year, the weather is simply perfect in the fall, and there are loads of seasonal events and activities. Airfare is usually more affordable in fall than in summer if you plan early.

Backpacking Through Europe on a Budget

Whether you prefer large cities or quaint small towns, fall is a beautiful time to visit Europe.


Getting Around

When you book your round trip ticket with an airline, it is best also to secure a rail pass. Traveling by train is the most efficient and affordable way to visit as many of Europe’s tightly clustered countries as possible. You can purchase a pass for travel through a select number of countries, or an unlimited access pass to the entire continent. An awesome benefit to a rail pass is that you can buy unlimited rides, you’re just required to select a time frame. Once you have done your research and know which countries you want to visit, it is recommended to build an itinerary for how long you are staying in each location. However, you should make your schedule flexible in case you’re just having too much fun to leave a particular destination. Rail passes are designed for flexibility, so you do not ever have to panic about missing your train.

Backpacking Through Europe on a Budget

Purchasing a rail pass gives you flexibility and affordability as you backpack through Europe.


Places to Stay

Traveling on a budget is easily accommodated when it comes to finding a place to stay in Europe. Most major cities have hotels on almost every corner, but more importantly, there are a plethora of hostels too. Hostels are designed to give the budget traveler a comfortable bed and a resting place where you can feel safe. Hostels are full of travelers just like you who are seeking the same amazing experiences. They are a great place to meet new people and build friendships through an adventure. If you are ready to make some of the best memories of your life, start planning your backpacking trip through Europe today, and earn Cashback when you book through DubLi!

Backpacking Through Europe on a Budget

Traveling in Europe on a budget? Try staying in local hostels to save some money.


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