Although it feels like summer just started, the back-to-school season is creeping up on us and before you know it, the little ones will be back on their academic routine. As we know all too well, they grow up very fast, outgrowing all their clothes. In order to have them prepared for school, the shopping must be done in advance, and preferably for a good price! For those physical education classes and extracurricular activities, your kids might be taking part in this year, be ready to have their backs with a few of the essentials. Here’s a list of the things they might need for those fitness related activities.


The must have items for every kid no matter how old. On average a pair of sneakers is meant to last between 300-500 miles for those who are avid track stars or have grown into their shoes but we know this might not be the case with smaller kids. As they grow, make sure to pay attention to the fit of their shoes and get them the sneakers they need. Some schools have rules and regulations when it comes to the color of the outsole opting to keep them white so that the black rubber doesn’t leave a mark on the gym floor. Make sure to check with your school to see if they have any such rules prior to investing in a pair of shoes that your child might not be able to wear. When it comes to socks, buy in bulk. Black, white or another neutral tone are good to go with because they’ll fit with any school rules and having several backups will guarantee your child will be able to match them every time.


Sports Bra

For young women ages 13-18 going through the stages of puberty, sports bras are a vital part of their fitness attire. In order to help them develop properly and still be active, find something that offers a lot of support but make sure to include them in the process to educate them on what that means. Sports bras with little support can damage a woman’s Cooper’s Ligaments if they are doing intense cardio such a track, soccer, volleyball or basketball. Make sure to get something with a strong underwire and sturdy straps to guarantee they’re getting the necessary support.


Gym bag

Kids are notoriously forgetful but we can prevent it from harming their school life by giving them a little help. A gym bag will make carrying their things much easier but in order to make sure they remember to bring them, it has to look good. If your kid is in elementary or middle school, a loose drawstring bag will suffice and you can play around with the decoration on it by adding their name or some color. For the older students in high school, a bigger, off-the-shoulder duffle bag should be the go-to.


From the goggles to the swimming caps and nose plugs, those aqua classes require a lot of equipment that the parents are meant to provide. With swim gear such as swimsuits and trunks, pack a separate bag to keep them in after class so it doesn’t leak through and leave a chlorine smell. When shopping for this equipment, check the sizes and see if it will be comfortable for your child so they can perform their best and focus on the water.

Tees and Shorts

Some schools have more regulations than others when it comes to the overall sports class outfit. Oftentimes they need to follow the recommended school guidelines of white tees and black or dark shorts that can be easily found online. Depending on their school schedule, purchase several in advance to guarantee they always have a fresh set ready to wear on any given day.

Sportswear and the gear that comes with it is an integral part of the student’s life. As a parent, preparation is key so if you need any ideas on how to save big, we have some tips for your back-to-school shopping. To keep them healthy, kids need to feel their best and get the necessary amount of exercise so getting them the proper school equipment will set them up for success. Set yourself up for success by shopping via and earning Cash Back so you can send your kids off to school for less.


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