Ever want to kick your younger self in the butt for wishing to be older? Aging happens. It’s inevitable. And while it does make us a more in-depth, amazing person, sometimes that mirror reflection makes us a more grumpy person. Aging skin can frustrate everyone. While there are new products constantly being developed to slow (allegedly even stop!) aging, not everyone wants to wait. For centuries women have used tricks to help their skin maintain its youthful radiance, and we’ve uncovered a handful of these tricks to get you started on maintaining your more youthful skin.

Tip # 1: Don’t Worry About Aging – It’s Aging You

Remember Droopy?

Worry lines form on your forehead and between your eyebrows. An unhappy face often causes sagging around your cheeks (remember Droopy?).

Anti-Aging Trick: When you are worried or stressed, massage your face. Don’t pull at your skin, pulling at it can damage your skin’s elasticitygently massage it from the center outwards in gentle circular motions focusing on the area between your brows, your forehead, and your cheeks. Use moisturizer to lubricate your skin to avoid pulling  – you want blood to circulate in the muscles beneath the skin, not to stretch your skin!

Tip # 2 Get Your Vitamin D from the Sun… Then Get Out of It

Protection from sun damage

The outer layer of the skin has melanin to fight the ultraviolet (UV) light reflected by the sun and absorbed by your skin. Once absorbed, the melanin darkens (we call it a tan) and beneath the darkened melanin your new skin cells will grow over time, thinning the skin at the surface.

Anti-Aging Tricks: (1) Stay out of the sun during peak hours, if you absolutely must step out, don’t forget to layer on some high protection – check out our list of summer tote essentials to make sure you’re well prepared to handle the rays. (2) Find a stylish sun hat or be very Audrey Hepburn and use an umbrella to protect your beautiful skin from the harmful UV rays. (3) Opt for a Vitamin D supplement as an alternative to soaking up the sun.

Tip # 3 Overuse of Expressions is Leaving Footprints

How “Jim Carrey” are you when it comes to expressions?

The overuse of expressions will leave lines and saggy areas in their overused path as you damage your skin’s elasticity. A raised unimpressed eyebrow, a surprised lift of both eyebrows they’re all contributing to speeding the clock forward.

Anti-Aging Tricks: Softer facial expressions are the way to go – a soft smile and “smiling eyes” can speak for you so let your eyes tell the story and not your face.

Tip # 4 The Fountain of Youth is a Bottle of Aqua

Maintain your body’s water content

The human body needs waterare you drinking enough? The more hydrated your skin is, the less susceptible it is to wrinkling and breaking. Hydrated skin has a better ability to bounce back and stay nurtured in the face of summer temperatures.

Anti-Aging Tricks: (1) Drink at least 2 liters of water each day. (2) Avoid excessive consumption of sugar, tea, coffee, and chocolate as they can act as diuretics. Diuretics make you urinate more often, removing the much-needed liquid contents of the body. (3) Use a good quality, high-end moisturizer, it’s worth it when it comes to protecting your skin.

Tip # 5 What Goes In Comes Out on Your Skin

You are what you eat!

Inflammation is caused by your body trying to protect itself from injuries and threats  – including free radicals that exist around you because of heat, smoke, pollution, and a range of other environmental substances.  Your body identifies these free radicals and begins the inflammation cascade, wherein your protective white blood cells are called to action before finally releasing a group of enzymes called Matrix Metallo Proteinases (MMP’s). And while MMP’s are awesome for healing injuries, those who have no physical injuries but are rather suffering from chronic inflammation, these MMPs break down healthy collagen and elastin fibers  – which do not help in keeping your skin firm!

Anti-Aging Trick: Include more anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, including salmon. Take a look at these Healthy Foods that could help you maintain a more youthful glow.

Tip # 6 Create a Routine

Make it a routine

From sunup to sundown, your skin goes through your daily routine with you so make sure you’re taking care of it in the necessary order. Cleanser in the morning, moisturizer before work, make up removal at the end of the day, and a night cream before bed. Cleaning your face of toxins prevents buildup that can be damaging the elasticity of your facial skin. Implement a night cream with retinol (a vitamin that helps prevent signs of aging) and apply regularly because just like exercise, and taking vitamins, doing it sporadically won’t work.

Anti-Aging Trick: Figure out what works for your schedule and which creams work best for your type of skin. Set a routine and follow it religiously!

Lastly, if you want to know more about how you will age, take a look at your genetics! Ask your family members about when they started to see signs of aging, so you know what to expect. Even though there’s no escaping your roots, it’s important to learn about the signs and how to treat them effectively. These natural anti-aging tricks have been used by people for decades. The more time you spend caring for your skin, the slower it might age. Purchase your facial cleansers and moisturizers via DubLi.com to earn Cash Back for your anti-aging product miracles!  


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