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After months of extensive planning and considerable stress about who’s going to come, what everyone will eat and which photographer to choose, a newlywed couple simply wants to relax and enjoy their first romantic adventure as a married couple. The honeymoon is a time to enjoy being in love — before returning to the reality of day jobs and arguments about where to keep the extra linens. While the honeymoon can be a magical time of exploration and delight, some honeymoons don’t quite make the cut. In fact, some become downright disappointing. What can a couple do to avoid a disastrous honeymoon? The following tips offer some simple honeymoon dos and dont’s to show you how to have a great honeymoon.

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Where you go on your honeymoon depends on both of your personalities. If you like hiking but he doesn’t, try to compromise. Hawaii might be a good place to find some common ground, as it offers a range of activities for the outdoorsy and the not-so-much. Planning the right type of honeymoon is the first step to guaranteeing its success. If you’re planning a surprise trip for your bride- or groom-to-be, then make sure you incorporate his or her tastes. You don’t want to be responsible for starting the trip on the wrong foot. Step one on a list of honeymoon tips is to plan in advance. Keep in mind that planning will be your single greatest ally; with a solid guide, your trip will be less stressful and more relaxing.

Dos & Dont’s

It’s important to keep some basic ground rules in place for making the most of your honeymoon celebration.

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  • Pack the appropriate travel documents: if one or both of you have recently changed your name(s), then you need to make sure you have the reservations in the right name. If there’s a delay in getting correct paperwork, bring a copy of your marriage certificate to ensure smooth travel. With strict airline guidelines in place, you don’t want to hold up your vacation by having the wrong license and/or passport.
  • Pack the right gear: running through an extensive checklist the week and night before your honeymoon might be the last thing on your mind, but that extra check will save you an argument or two over who was supposed to bring the toothpaste.
  • Accept that there will be snags: just like your wedding and all of life, your honeymoon will bring little snags and sometimes major crises. Stay positive and be prepared by agreeing to solve the problem with a smile.

[title text=”Don’t:”]

  • Blame your spouse for every little thing. It will grow old quickly, and the mood will go downhill even quicker.
  • Assign all the responsibility for planning on one spouse: unless it’s a surprise trip, let your new spouse take part in the planning. That way, you’ll both have accountability.
  • Plan beyond your means: even if it means saving for a while, wait to book a trip until you can afford it. No one wants to start a marriage in serious debt.

Piggy Bank CashbackThese honeymoon do’s and dont’s aren’t exhaustive, but they do provide a good starting point for your planning. If you want to take a trip right after your wedding but don’t have the funds for an extravagant vacation, you can still plan a weekend getaway or small vacation just to celebrate your special day. Don’t forget to enroll in a cashback program designed to help you earn rewards and other special promotions. Saving for a more luxurious honeymoon will be quicker if you do.

This guide is intended to show you how to have a great honeymoon without the drama of lost luggage, unfair fights and stressful situations. These things might all happen, but you can avoid big blowouts by staying calm and positive. Remember: you’ve just committed to spending the rest of your life with your new spouse. You don’t want to spend the first week of the rest of your life fighting over who lost the hotel room key. Using these honeymoon tips will save you time, energy and stress, ensuring that you and your new spouse start off the “happily ever after” as happily as possible.

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