Tired of fighting crowds for reservations and parking spots on Valentine’s Day? Try something different this year: Reserve a table for two at the most intimate setting possible — home.

You might be thinking that a Valentine’s Day at home sounds a bit dull, but you wouldn’t believe the positive impact it can have on your relationship. If you and your sweetheart have been living together for quite awhile, an exclusive date at home could be exactly the dose of romance your relationship needs.

Start with a Chic Throw Blanket

And build the romance around it. A gorgeous new blanket will help set the mood of your date and give the area you’re creating a stand-out appeal. Indulge in this ultra soft ‘Stripe Knit Throw’ ($38) from Nordstrom. Snuggling up with the love of your life couldn’t sound better! Plus, enjoy putting up to 10% Cash Back in your pocket when you shop Nordstrom online through DubLi.com.

8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Stripe Knit Throw, $38 | Photo by Nordstrom


Get Cozy

Go for ultimate comfort with Urban Outfitters’ Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow (2 for $70). Not only does the oversized design scream cozy, but these floor pillows certainly make for the perfect at-home date night accessory long after Valentine’s Day! Shop Urban Outfitters now and receive up to 9.2% Cash Back! Plus, enjoy free shipping over $50.

8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow, $39 (2 for $70) | Photo by Urban Outfitters

Establish a Deeper Connection

Add an exciting element to the date with this playful Love Game from Urban Outfitters ($19.99). An activity is a Valentine’s Day date ideal, and hey, maybe it will even start a year-round gaming tradition! You’re welcome. Shop now to enjoy up to 9.2% Cash Back!

8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

The Love Game, $19.99 | Photo by Urban Outfitters


Program a Romantic Playlist

Now that you have a game in tact, let’s get some tunes set up! Yeah, sure you could use your phone to stream music OR you could use this hipster-approved Crosley Radio Keepsake Portable Turntable ($139.99), available at Target (1%/7% Cash Back) and make your date feel truly special. You decide.

8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Crosley Radio Keepsake Portable Turntable ($139.99) | Photo by Target


Modern Love

To give the date an absolute supreme experience, we recommend you pick up your date’s favorite record. After all, you are designing a dreamy Valentine’s Day date night at home and the goal is to create an extraordinary experience. Don’t know what album to get? How about a classic LP by the late, great David Bowie? Shop Barnes & Noble now and receive up to 11.2% Cash Back.

 8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Hunky Dory Vinyl LP by David Bowie, $19.84


Lights Out

Set the tone of your home with the soft glow of innocent love (awww!). I recommend these gorgeous moroccan ‘Tantallon Lanterns’ from Anthropologie (3%/9% Cash Back). The lustrous detail will definitely achieve that surreal experience your evening needs. Not only will your date love the splendor, but so will your future guests!

 8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Tantallon Lantern, $8 to $98 | Photo by Anthropologie


Love Like the French Do

You hear the word “romance”, you think of France. You hear the word “France”, you think of fine wine. And what goes hand in hand with wine, my friend? That’s right, cheese! Present your Valentine’s Day date-night snacks and munchies on these gorgeous ‘Wood-Marble Square Platter Boards’ from Crate & Barrel (2.4%/8.4% Cash Back). Imagine a delicious assortment of milk cheeses on these raw slate beauties. Sold!

8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Wood-Marble Square Platter, $29.95 | Photo by Crate&Barrel


Raise a Toast to Romance…

…with these ‘Camille Champagne Coupe Glasses’ from Crate & Barrel (2.4%/8.4% Cash Back). Adding special little touches to the evening helps take your romance out of the every day. Plus, champagne glasses go far beyond just Valentine’s Day. With birthdays and anniversaries in the near future, you can find many reasons to toast to your love.

 8 Steps to a Romantic Valentine’s Day at Home!

Camille Champagne Coupe Glass, $10.95 | Photo by Crate&Barrel


If you pay attention to the details, you’ll create a visually arresting, unforgettable V-Day experience. Hosting an intimate Valentine’s Day date is a great way to nurture your relationship, and creates an exciting opportunity to reinvent your own space!

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