Family, great friends, good food — all fabulous Christmas traditions! While nobody wants to eat too healthy at Christmas –after all, it’s your yearly excuse to indulge — that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and keep your conscious clear. Here’s seven tips so you can enjoy your holidays as usual, but with a couple of variations so you can still slip into those uncomfortable clothes you have planned to wear for your New Year’s Eve party.

Have A Healthy Snack Before Going Out

If you’re going to a festive event, don’t go hungry. There’s sure to be tasty seasonal snacks, so if you arrive hungry there’s a good chance you’ll excessively indulge in them justifying it with “It’s only one day a year!”. That “one day” often turns into seven, which then fuels the fire for your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get back to the gym.

High-protein snacks are the best to give you energy and keep you fuller for longer. You might be even able to have delicious ingredients, including nuts, cheeses, and seafood, delivered to your home with through with Cash Back from

Don’t Go Empty Handed

If you know you’re going to a home where you know there’ll be plenty of “naughty” food to tempt you, why not pack some healthy snacks to munch on? It’s not uncommon to take a plate or beverage to an event as a courtesy, so by taking a plate of berries and nuts that you can nibble on if the rest of the snacks are too high in carbs, sugar or fat.

7 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

Bring a vibrant, healthy snack to your next holiday party.

Use the Digital Age to Your Advantage

We live in a high-tech era in which literally everything is available online. You can search online for recipes that suit your needs. For example, dates with organic cocoa blended up and rolled in coconut make delicious sweet treats and your guests would never know they were sugar-free.  Check out healthy, natural food blogger Deliciously Ella; her incredibly healthy, wholesome, and most importantly delicious recipes have turned her into a food blogging superstar and she has loads of tasty treat ideas for Christmas.

Take a Trip Around the Neighborhood 

Go for regular walks over the holidays. The roads are often quieter and you could see families walking together and it will lift your spirits up while also lifting your heart rate as you get some exercise. Hello, healthy!

Pick and Choose — Don’t Gorge Yourself

There’s a glorious collection of treats, drinks, side dishes, and mains, but remember no one is forcing you to eat them all! Tread carefully around the dishes of roast potatoes, and help yourself to more of the vitamin-packed vegetables instead. It’s the same with desserts: your slice of pie doesn’t have to be a la mode. Adding a twist of lemon and some mint is a refreshing and tasty holiday treatment for your glass of water.

Stay Hydrated

With all that tempting Christmas food and drink around, you have to remember to stay hydrated. Being thirsty is often misunderstood as hunger, so keep sipping the water to avoid indulging in high-fat foods.

7 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

Don’t forget — the whole family should stay hydrated during the holiday season!

Get Busy and Get Moving

There can be plenty of sitting over the holidays (much-needed rest we feel), but try to get up often to keep your blood circulation going. Even if you promise yourself that every time you hear White Christmas you get up and dance to it at least it has you moving.

Christmas is a happy time, but it does not necessarily have to center around sitting and chowing down. If you stay active and mindful about your nutrition over the holidays, you will come out of the season a healthy holiday pro!

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