They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul but what they don’t say is that even windows need a little protection! Sunglasses date as far back as the 12th century in China when the eyewear was used for practical reasons. In recent years, however, sunglasses have become as fashionable as they are functional. Providing necessary UV protection, sunnies are more than an accessory; they can be a fashion statement. Now for the summer when you’ll need them most, we’ve created a list of six styles of sunglasses that will protect your face while elevating your style game.  

  1. Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator style is undoubtedly a must-have that can be mixed with any outfit to help protect the eyes from any damaging UV rays. When it comes to the latest trend in sunglasses, the aviators with reflective lenses are at the forefront. With a metallic rim and a classic design, the aviators have been a favorite with every celebrity on the block. Originally making their debut in 1936, the aviator sunnies were created to block out the sun for pilots, but now they’re making everybody look fly.

  1. Round Shape Sunglasses

A little quirky? Yes. Very stylish? Yes! It might feel like the round shades aren’t the easiest to pull off, but John Lennon’s favorite style is worth a try for every fashionista. To figure out what shape works best for your face, try different sizes. From the over-the-top large frames that are a signature of Iris Apfel to the more basic frame beloved by celebrities like Beyonce, there’s proof that these shades are timeless.

  1. Geometric Sunglasses

Not for the faint of style, the geometric sunglasses are for the risk takers who love turning heads. These get a lot of attention but these days being different is all part of the fun of fashion so whether they’re in a hexagon shape or the pantos, there’s no wrong style. Regular eyewear doesn’t provide as much freedom in terms of styles, so sunglasses are the chance to really go for it. The other positive with the geometric look is that it hinges on individuality, pair them with a gorge one piece swimsuit, and you’ll be an instant style star.  

  1. Oversized Sunglasses

Just like Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, we love a good pair of oversized sunnies. A large frame with ultra dark shades is very chic and can add a little extra attitude to any outfit which is why it’s a favorite with every “it” girl. Combining a bit of mystery and drama, the oversized eyewear is perfect for many occasions even if you’re not in the sun. If you are, the UV protection is high with this pair, so you know it’s going to help prevent sun damage to the eyes. With oversized sunglasses, the bigger, the better so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

  1. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

A retro throwback that has made its way into the contemporary wardrobe. Named the cat eye, the frame tends to point out at the top outer corners resembling a…you guessed it, cats eye! The classic style was popular in the 1950’s but has become a hit again with an updated twist. What makes this style great is the way it fits the face and how it can work for any face shape but to keep it functional go for a larger frame to avoid looking too retro. Opt for something subtle that gives a hint without having a literal flashback moment, and you’ll be looking fierce in no time.

  1. Clubmaster Style Sunglasses

One more old school style that’s been brought back into the mainstream. The clubmaster look gives you a bit of both regarding the frame style. The thick frame on top and metal wire on the bottom, the sunnies are classic yet modern at the same time. This style is a part of the browline glasses category due to their alignment to the brow that was originally started in 1947. The club master itself didn’t come about until 1986, and since then it’s become a favorite for its sleek line and dual use of frame widths.

These styles prove that protecting your eyes can also be an excellent way to spruce up your look. If you loved learning more about sunglasses and wanted to know how to amplify your style with accessories, check out 6 Ways to Up Your Weekend Style Game with a Single Accessory. Avoiding the harmful UV rays is a smart way to take care of your vision and shopping via is a smart way to make purchases while getting Cash Back on everything.

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