If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to save some hard-earned cash — and DubLi Cash Back — to escape your daily responsibilities for a week or two of indulgence in an exotic location. However, when all that scrimping and saving isn’t enough, booking smart is an essential tool for maximizing your travel possibilities. Fortunately for you we’ve got a load of tips that will save you valuable money, and who knows, the money you save by following them could even pay for a couple of extra nights holiday.

Travel in Low Season

If you don’t have any school-aged children or you’re finally an empty-nester, take advantage of traveling during the school year. When school holidays come around flights and hotel prices are immediately hiked-up and with it the tourist count at your chosen location. If you’re dreaming of Europe, then May, early June and September are pleasantly warm and dramatically cheaper to travel to during these months. Book as far in advance as possible to snag dramatically lower travel fares and hotel prices.

5 Terrific Money-Saving Travel Tips

As long as you don’t have school-age kids, traveling in the low season helps you avoid the summer crowds.


Book Hotels Through DubLi.com

The major expenses for your holiday are hotels and flights: both a big expense, but also completely unavoidable. Set some time aside searching on our travel, hotel and airfare categories. Sites like Expedia, Booking.com or Priceline (which allows you to name your price), have incredible deals. Plus, if you shop through DubLi.com you can find amazing deals and earn Cash Back on your flights and hotels. Keep an eye on the DubLi blog and Facebook page to stay up-to-date with fantastic holiday deals.

Come on, Get Appy!

You can download a free app for almost everything these days, from maps and travel guides to food deals and the latest happy hour offering. Wave goodbye to phrasebooks, local map books, and expensive tourist attraction books. Not only will you save money but also space in your luggage and day-to-day travel bag. Plus, you can also find deals on tourist attractions online, with benefits like skip the queue and tickets being delivered directly to your phone so you can head straight to the entrance. Look out for roaming packages with your service provider so you can use the Internet while you travel and take advantage of Google maps for finding your way about.

Weigh-in Before Your Trip to the Airport

Not you — your luggage! To avoid exorbitant charges for excessively heavy suitcases, weigh them before you leave home. Remove unnecessary items or take non-liquid, heavy items in your hand luggage. Keep in mind that you’re likely to pick up local treats and souvenirs along your way, so it’s better to be a few pounds under your limit on your departure. For short trips, don’t pay extra to check a bag when you can fit all you need into a carry-on (check out our tips for packing light).

Live Like a Local

Take cues from locals and stray from the areas heavily populated by tourists, always keeping safety as a top priority. For dining options, you can usually wander a couple of streets away and here you’ll find significantly lower prices and more authentic food. Buy your soft drinks or snacks from a local supermarket as opposed to a street kiosk and try out the local street food that will likely be as delicious as a meal at a five-star restaurant, for far less money. Also, take public transportation as a cheaper alternative to taxis — it is a great way to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Not to mention in many places taxi drivers can take advantage of out-of-towners by hiking up prices or taking you on longer routes to rack up a higher fare. Use your GPS to find your way around easily and safely.

5 Terrific Money-Saving Travel Tips

You can find delicious street food for a fraction of the cost you’ll pay at the tourist-centric restaurants.


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